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06-13-13, 04:09 PM
Why is the resale value for our STS-Vs so poor? I've had my 08 since December of 08 and never intend to sell it or trade it off, but am curious why they are so cheap. I never realized this until a guy I work with offered to trade me his Avalanche even for my V. I told him he'd have to dig deep in his pockets for that trade and he told me according to KBB his Avalanche was valued more than my V. I don't remember the year model of his truck but it wasn't much newer than my V. Also, there were only a little over 2500 of them made, correct me if I'm wrong, but I would think that would increase their value.


06-13-13, 04:17 PM
2 gen cts-v killed it.

06-13-13, 04:59 PM
The rarity of a car won't be reflected in kbb value. Kbb doesn't have soul. It's just based on features, historic data and other objective things. For example my 79 coupe Deville was built with an extremely rare year only option called the D'Marchand option. Two tone paint, black and silver with red pin stripe in between with matching seats. Estimated that only a couple hundred built that way. But you punch it into kbb and you get nothing over a regular 79 coupe Deville. Kbb is a joke.


Come to think of it a good way to test it is to punch the 2009 sts-v in and you'll see that the value doesn't account for the rarity. If someone wants to pull the kbb on me I walk away.

06-13-13, 05:00 PM
Your Deville is awesome.

06-13-13, 07:40 PM
Thanks man. Now that I'm a member I can put up bigger pics when I get a chance.


For different reasons I absolutely love both of my cars. We can all relate on the v but that Deville is a freak in boat. Its really a stand out. I get thumbs ups and nods left and right. Long hood with the emblem. Really enjoyable to drive. 7.0L v8 180hp 320tq. We've come a long way haha. Engine was of course geared for reliability as opposed to performance. Was cleaning the carburetor once and if you came up to the car from behind all you'd see is me from my knee down hanging off the side of the car under the hood. Big hood. A lot of room down there.


Freakin boat.

06-13-13, 08:21 PM
ive found that the 2 worst cars for depreciuarion are Jaguars and Caddys i had a Jag SC long whel base car and i paid 75K for it--- 5 years later i got 15K on a trade--and they on;y made 150 worldwide. Same with the Caddy--my 08 sold for 85K and i got mne 3 years old for 40K---Both cars sell against BMW,Lexus and Mercs, which have a much stronger brand worldwide, even though its undeserving in my view.Our cars are a steal at current prices..Ive got a 65 GTO vert, 4 spd,tri-power frame off resto that cost 3k new, thats worth 70 now--Just bought a 300 mile 2012 vette vert for 50K that stickered for 68K--go figure

06-14-13, 03:26 AM
Well ill tell you what. There's a bit of a dark history to GM cars, specifically engines and trannies dating back to the 80s and to a certain extent still continuing to this day (see the 3.6l v6 until 2010 when timing chain failures were finally addressed.) now look at jaguar's history with reliability. Not so hot. I bet range rovers lose value pretty quickly too. Mb had some real dark years in the late 90s early 2000s. A lot of the loss of value I believe has to do with perception of reliability of the brand. Believe me I know the Germans are guilty of crap reliability I've seen it first hand on a couple of BMWs. And you look at Acura with the "best resale value" for a luxury car. People who justify buying a car for the resale value kill me. You're buying a car already thinking about selling it. Buy a car you're gonna enjoy instead of a luxurious Honda.. Couple more features and an interior that doesn't resemble a little tikes toy car. But the point is Honda is a brand known for reliability. As a matter of fact that's about the only merit I can think of for the brand. Same with Toyota. The pattern seems to be reliability equals better resale value. A brand new cadillac comes out and it's already doomed by kbb because of history. Might take some years to correct that I guess. But a good start is the way GM is pricing new caddies. They're no longer the bargain alternative to the Germans. Check ats pricing. It's competive. GM has the balls now to say "we built a car that is equal to or better than our competitors so you're going to buy our car because its better not because its cheaper. That'll help resale value I believe. And by the way I could be completely wrong about all this but I don't think I am.

06-14-13, 12:21 PM
cady and buick have been doig well on JD Powers the last few years, so im thiunking itll change for the good.Vettes hold their value pretty well, and i actiually sold a 99 TA pace car vert that was driven at Daytona for more than i paid for it after 10 years---thats a first.It takes at least 20 years for collector cars to get value--these may get there at some point

06-14-13, 11:03 PM
STS value in general sucks and it is reflected in the V. These cars were never popular, were not advertised by GM, and did poorly in magazine tests. We love them, but they don't bring a lot of money at selling time.