: Update on the Oldsmobile

Night Wolf
02-03-05, 12:08 AM
Well, after the Olds got hit in the right quarter panel, and I got the insurance check, I talked with the auto-body teacher at vo-tec, since i am a student there, they work on students cars for just the price of materials (they get a discount too)

so I coudln't pass up the deal, and for them to work on my Olds, which included, but not limited to: pulling out right side of front bumper (push in... was hit at one time, that way when I bought it) putting on the good (used) driver door and fender (damaged from me hitting a telephone poll last year) fix the dents where it was recently hit (I hit them out, but they will do a better job) and on the bottom of that quarte panel, it was rotted out, so they are welding in new sheet metal, also on the underbody on the right side under the rear seat is a rotted area... theya re fixing that, and on both inner fenders, right in front of the strut towers it is rotted, they will fix that too. Then the car is getting sanded down and whatnot, every single little dent and ding will be filled in, then the car will start the process of being painted (they are going to paint the good door and fender off of the car) the paint will be base coat/clear coat... and in the origanal color, Platinum Metallic, hopefully with a red pinstrip also (probably the tape stuff.. origanal was painted)

So anyway, I removed the door panel from both the driver door and the spare door, and I removed the bottom part of the back seat, everything in the car was cleaned out, I had the car washed, I filled it with gas, put my locking gas cap on it and drove it to vo-tec

That was Monday, I stopped by after class Monday to talk more to the teacher and just in that time they got the door and fender out of the car (door was in back seat fender was in the trunk) and started to prepare them to be stripped and painted.

The whole process will take 2 months or so since they have a limited time... I am fine with that :) so the '79 DeVille is filling the role of my daily driver... which I do not mind one bit, the heat works, everything else works, I have my XM hooked up in it.... about the only thing is it's sheer thirst for gas.... going from a 21/32mpg car to a 12/18mpg is rough :) especially when I do alot of compulsive driving, so I havn't been driving as much.... to drive just 60 miles cost me about $12 in gas :) I can live with it though.

Friday I am going to drive to vo-tec and go to the auto body class when I normally would leave, tlak to the teacher, see the progress... make I can take a few pics if they did anything... if it is alright with him (I don't see why not) I would like to go every Friday to see how things are going and get some pics.

Alot of people ask why I "waste my time and money on this car" well... I got it cheap, and it was origanally a winter car... but with realitvily low miles, when I bought it, and even now, there is alot of life left. the 3800 V6 will run forever, the 440T4 trans sometimes acts strange, but is still fine, the interrior is mint, besides a list of problems when I first bought it (because it sat for a while) and the month of December '04, there have not been many problems, and I just bought 4 brand new tires for it. now with the 2 bigest issues of this car being solved... the rust, and the outside appearance, this is going to be one good looking car!

it was bought here in NY, about 30mins form me actually :) so it has stayed int he area... but later this year, in Augest when I move to FL, the Olds, just like the DeVille's is coming down with me... Nov. 11th I will be starting tech school, and it'll be my main car thru "college" and such... I will have and drive the DeVilles... but for short city type driving, I will not want to, and the Olds will be great down there... and the apartment I will be living in has no place with me keeping 2 or 3 cars there.... my mother and her fiancee will be living 180miles away too, so I can drive back and fourth.

Not to mention that I have a small utility trailer, I just ordered the hitch and all the things needed, but I am going to wait until I get the car back to put them on... so the Olds will also be used to tow that.

it really is a great car, everything about it is nice, it is the kind of car that I could use as a daily driver for a real long time and not get tired of it... it is an average car, blends in, dosn't draw attention, fast (for what it is) handles really nice (compared to what I am used to) comfortable, nice options etc... it really is a nice car.

As a tribute to the Olds, here are a few pictures... the first is when I first got it, with it's fadded paint, various dents and things, then the second is after I side-swiped the telephone poll (saved it from a head on though) and the 3rd is how it has been for the last 8 months or so... new mirror and door handle, some crude body work, painted the damaged area so it "blends" better... and can't forget.. my world famous Rustolium paint job that I never finished :)

with 127.5k miles currently, I am the 3rd owner and it has had a rather easy life... there is plenty of life left into it... plus, the insurance check that I got paid for what i bought the car for, and all the work I spent into it including the new tires (not including this body work and paint though) so I am pretty much getting this car for next to nothing... and MANY things on it have been replaced and serviced, either prevenative maintenace or because they failed... and with a silver car and Garnet Red interrior... it is a nice combo... I enjoy it.

first bought car (http://inoventionseast.com/Oldsmobile/PDR_0056-2.JPG)

side swipe telephone poll (http://inoventionseast.com/Oldsmobile/PDR_0263.JPG)

how it was for a long time (http://inoventionseast.com/Oldsmobile/PDR_0527.JPG)

When I get this back, it'll be Return of the Olds: Eighty Eight version 2.0 :) I can't wait to see what it'll be like... nice and shiney.... now the Olds can join the DeVille's in going to the car wash (which it already does) but going to the other section and getting detailed, and waxed etc.... maybe... just maybe... if it comes out nice, I may get a compliment that my "old" car looks nice :)

02-03-05, 12:28 AM
So basically, you're getting an '89 olds restored, right?

Night Wolf
02-03-05, 12:47 AM
well, I have had the car since December 26th of 2003

I woudln't say it is getting restored, but it is getting alot of body work, and new paint... but that matched witht he drivetrain in geat shape, mint interrior... and otherthings like brand new brakes all around, brand new tires, new water pump, radiator, serviced A/C (so it works) added strut tower bar, full enigne tune up, new brake lines and more make it a pretty solid car.

I paid $500 for it, and the battery was dead, the guy felt bad and bought brand new battery for me, that was ncie of him.. it is a cheap Auto Zone battery, but, after over a year of harsh winter starts.. it hasn't gave me any problem. the car is nicely optioned too... PW/PL/PS/PB/power driver seat, cruise, delay wipers, I added a cd player, then when I read thru the option codes, it has some neat things like the sport tuned suspenion, high capacity electrical and cooling system and the lowest gearing avalible... 2.93 FDR among some other options.

About the only thing left after this will be to replace all 4 struts... they are starting to go bad. the car has the rear air leveling system just like on the Caddy'sbut for a long time the compressor stopped working, then just the other day I heard it again... I'll have to test out the system, but I will probably just put regular struts in, or maybe air struts int he back, but have the little valve thing so I can manually raise or lower it... that would probbaly be good if I will be towing with it...

02-03-05, 01:03 AM
I bought my mother a '90 Olds 88 royale two (1/2) years ago...This thing was in pristine condition and for only $1000.00! Need i mention that she (the car, which i always refer to as "she") had just over 100,000 miles on the OD.

Three months after she had it, some jackass in a nissan truck pulled right out in front of the her (my mother) while she was going strait. She (mother) hit the guy head-on. Mom was okay, but the car had a front end that resembled a rather ugly pancake. The guy's insurance covered the car since it was his fault and she recieved a $2500.00 pay-off.

It doesn't matter though, the car was freakin' pristine for a '90.

The day the junk yard came to get the so-called totaled car, they left the engine running while they towed it away! And there was a leak in the radiator from the hit. The engine was just fine...I'm sure it isn't now (bastards!).

Night Wolf
02-03-05, 10:35 AM
the '90 is pretty much the same as my '89.... the grille is different, and the tail lights are different.

It wasn't fixable? I would think you would want to try and save it :)

the 3800 is a beast... my mother had the Olds in town when the water pump went.... the coolant light went on, so she drove it home... yeah not the brightest idea.... anyway, there was hardly any coolant at all in the system, the water pump was so bad that the impeller was broke off the shaft, causing it to just kinda wobble around while it was turning which gouged out the block and the w/p housing, and the pully was so far cocked that the belt was only riding on 1/3 of the w/p pully, and it was compltly off of the grooves on the crank... riding on the area where the timing notches are.

still ran, got her home, I went out, started right up (w/p sounded aweful though) and hasn't gave me any problems since.

These cars were milestone cars for GM in it's day, the 3800 was the first production engine to ever use SFI and a distrubutorless igniiton system, the chassis was first to use 4 wheel indepent suspension in a unibody FWD car among other things too.... all for the 1985 model year.

02-03-05, 11:18 AM
It was very fixable, but my mother needed the extra cash at the time. She wound up getting an '84 cavi to keep her running until she could get something a little nicer. Just a few months ago, she got a Ford Explorer ('94) and gave the cavi to my sister who needed a car. The thing still runs that good (cavalier).

02-03-05, 12:01 PM
So what ever happend to the door not being able to close since the striker bolt couldnt be reattached ?

Night Wolf
02-03-05, 03:36 PM
oh yeah, I remember that

I fixed it :)

I was able to feed the "nut" part up inside the door jamb area thru the little palstic venter on the bottom via some twine... all I had to do was get 1 of the threads to actually grip the pice, then I could tighten it and it will be fine...

I just made a memo to myself for as long as I own the car, to never, ever remove that striker unless I want to do that all over again :)

and for the '79, it was really bad, I thought I was going to have to really tear into it, but I was able to tap it out for the Chevy truck stirker that I bought (slightly bigger) so I tapped it, and the new striker with bushing is on it, and the doors close as good as ever!

02-03-05, 03:37 PM
good deal man ..i was wondering how you or anyone fixed it ...