: Atlanta Cadillac Owners? Want to participate in a multi-car meet?

02-02-05, 10:52 PM
Hello, I'm the co-founder of www.seloc.net , the local Atlanta Lexus club. We meet twice monthly and many times, we co-meet with another group. In the past we've met with
Acura Legends
Mercedes Benz and AMG
Honda S2000

and many others at our big multi-car meets. I was wondering if there were any newer CTS, STS, V, etc owners that would like to meet up with us in the future. The meets are laid back and its just a bunch of guys/gals getting together sharing each others ride.

We meet 1st Sundays Downtown off peachtree st and 3rd Fridays off Piedmont road in the Starbucks parking lot right by GA 400.

I'll check in to see if we have a few people sign up. Thanks.