: Radiator Air Deflector (Lower Engine Cover / Shield) - retaining clips/blots?

06-13-13, 01:07 PM
Just completed replacement of the 'Auxiliary Water Pump' on my wife's '08 CTS AWD. Figured this would be a good time to replace the "Radiator Air Deflector" since it's been missing since we purchased the car a couple years ago - and without it this little electric pump is exposed to the elements. Maybe the replacement pump will last longer this way...

The new cover just arrived, wonder if anyone has part numbers for the retainers/bolts? Service manual calls for two "Front Air Deflector Bolts" and Twelve "Front Air Deflector Push Pins"

here is the part I ordered (it attaches under the car to the underside of the front bumper fascia):


Thanks in advance!