: exhaust buzzing noise 2006 dts

big greg
06-13-13, 11:56 AM
I've heard it for a while now I can hear it in the firewall kind of behind the steering column. Also hear air passing on parked cars and such. Problem is I see no carbon. At all, anybody have any similar problems? I've replaced the egr gasket just out of chance. No dice

06-13-13, 01:36 PM
Exhaust manifold gasket (uncommon) or exhaust collector to cat flex flange - a little more common. MAYBE a loose cat heat shield - tap it with a rubber malet.

www.gmpartsgiant.com (http://www.gmpartsgiant.com) , your car, system, text page. The 'more info" tab leads to a parts blowup diagram keyed to the text page.

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big greg
06-13-13, 01:39 PM
I ordered both collector and crossover gasket. They look awful comfortable where there at. Not much room for a torch. Maybe lower the rear sub frame a bit?


The bolts I mean. I don't like the little 5mm ones for the crossover