: Changed 18's to 20's but now...

02-02-05, 05:26 AM
Hey Guys, I hope someone can tell me some info on this.
I have had my CTS-V for about 2 months now, 2005 blk on blk.. Having a great time with it, just small problems at the moment.. Anyway, i just changed from the stock 18 wheels, to 20's, looks great, drives great, cant not tell difference really, but only problem is the tire pressure readings is only showing the front left tire only, the others have that dreaded ---- line, when i left the dealer all of them were working just fine but after 3 days they went out one at a time, can this be fixed? Or is this some problem I will always have due to the wheel increase in size?

Thanx for the help, ;)

02-02-05, 05:43 AM
Take a look at the faq http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/answers/tprepro.html

02-02-05, 06:16 PM
Any pictures with your car with the 20'S? I would love to see it, you could e-mail to me if you want... wjaynes@maine.rr.com


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02-03-05, 01:44 AM
Hey Guys, Thanx for that info on the tire pressure readings.. im going to try that tomorrow before i take it in to the dealer..

hey Bill, I am fixing to walk down to the garage and take a few snap shots of the V with the 20's on it, so give me a few minutes and they will be posted.. Actually the only reason why i changed them from the factory 18's to 20's was cause some dumbass road worker that was working on the hiway flagged us off on the shoulder and my right rear wheel sunk into the soft shoulder and scrapped and shaved about 1/2 inch of metal off my damn wheel, i was sooo pissed off, the car was only 6 days old when that happened so i went in to the dealer they were out of the stock wheels, would take them 3 days to get them in and i had to leave for Dallas that afternoon, so i bought tha whole set which cost me 6,995 bucks, but that was also a spare wheel and tire for emergencies since they are not run flats.. nayway standby for photos..

later.. Johnny ;)

02-03-05, 04:07 AM
HERE Ya GO.. IT WAS DARK I will take some more tomorrow during the day, but here is a couple for now..



02-03-05, 08:13 AM
Do your new wheels have tire pressure sensors?

02-03-05, 06:56 PM
Very nice indeed...:worship:

Let us no how the supercharger install goes and your seat of the pants opinion.
Also if it wheelhops more with the added power and 20's?
Again, very, very nice...:2thumbs:


02-04-05, 02:01 AM
Thanx Guys,

RICK; Yes to the first question, they do have sensors, but i am having problems with them as of right now, but i talked to the dealer and they said bring it in because it was a rushed job, but that was my fault due to my trip i had to leave for Dallas, and i told them to please make it fast when i switched over, infact i drove in to the caddy dealer and was switched and on the road under an hour, 3 days later the sensors went out one at a time expect for the left front.. So no biggie, i'll get it fixed soon its not a dying must or need atm.
He rick, try to find KACHINA CADILLAC in Scottsdale Arizona, they are the ones that have them, and all the specs.. cant remember the web addy atm.. they are also the ones that will install the supercharger, and who i already prepaid for it..

Bill, thanx for the thumbs up my friend, i will let ya know sometime next week how it runs and i will post pix of it, and the specs.. I know they will choke the life at me on the boost due to warranty, im not trying to make a dragster or anything close to that, i just want it to have as close to 500 hp as possible or a little more, trying to make up for the power that is limited from the factory set as it is off the show room floor.. We all know that car would do most likely 200mph if not tamed from the factory, and frankly what caddy HQ told me was, it is all due because of the tires, they are all scared because NO ONE will truly honor and stick there necks out saying those Z rated tires will hold up to 200mph.. Can not blame them since those firestone Maypops were let loose to wreak havoc..

Man i can not wait till next week, will send pix asap.
Here is pic of exact SC..

Later guys!

Johnny ;)