View Full Version : Any feedback on micro lubricant product?

Jack M
02-02-05, 12:02 AM
My Cadillac dealer carries a product kit called Z-Max Micro Lubricant, and it contains 3 bottles of clear liquid for use, respectively, in the engine, transmission, and gas tank. The text of the advertisement claims that the product adhers to the cylinder walls, valves, cams, etc., and to the transmission components, thereby improving performance. The kit costs $39. The parts man swore by it, claiming that he and his friends experienced improvement in their autos, particularly oil pressure.

Any favorable feedback on this product - or, is it like all other additives that litter auto parts stores shelves - and gum up our engines?

Thanks, Jack M.

02-02-05, 06:03 AM
While I havent tried it, theres a group of people out there who absolutely swear by it. The infomercials turned me off, as I tend to distrust anything advertised that way.