: Got 'er Done

06-11-13, 10:14 PM
Did my transmission service on my DTS tonight.
I hope that Dexron VI is not too poisonous because I practically bathed in it.. (JOKE)
Pan looked good, replaced filters with WIX parts, gasket was ok.
The only problem I had was the inner drain plug. It was no problem getting it out, but getting it back in was another matter.
Very hard to get started because of location and that pesky wire loom. Finally fitted a piece of surgical tubing and used it to get bolt started (like the old sparkplug trick).
Got it snugged up eventually, being careful not to cross thread the fine threads. Was hard to tighten, probably some junk from fluid on threads.
Put pan back on, filled up with exactly 8 quarts and was spot on the full hot mark.
Car shifted well (as is did before service)
This is a nasty job... I can see why the dealer mechanics push the BG flush...hard to make $ if you do this right..
Fluid looks good, probably will have another car by the time this rolls around again.

06-12-13, 05:19 PM
Thank you for this post!
I'm needing to do mine, just been putting it off for the reasons you stated above.
appreciate the info...now all i gotta do is crawl under there and get after it.


06-12-13, 10:01 PM
Just be darn careful putting the drain plug back in.. very difficult to start bolt.If I were going to do it again, I dont think the hassle with the drain bolt would be worth it for the extra quart or so of ATF I got out.
Another hint: if you use a garage-type oil catcher, make sure it has a screen so you wont have to fish a bolt out of the collector jug(dont ask)
Be sure to put a plastic drop cloth under your working area , cardboard too if you have it. ATF is bad for splashing. It seems like you will get the stuff all over you.
I am blesssed to have a lift in my shop to do this on..I know it would be harder to manage the pan, etc if one was laying under the car.
I'm 58 and my back gives me hell. Bought a BendPak 4 post lift to keep from having to crawl on the floor. Best thing I ever did.
Look forward to looking after my cars now.

06-13-13, 06:38 PM
Did my transmission service on my DTS tonight.

Hi Baccerman; Is this first time you changed the tranny fluid on your Caddy? BTW, how many miles on vehicle when you saw a need to service it? I guess I have way to go as I have under 37k on my DTS. I have done ONLY couple of times on other vehicles and w/o the proper equipment & tools,the job is messy and painstaking.

I wonder how much it cost to service the tranny by the dealership or a reputable auto shop?

06-13-13, 06:56 PM
My car has 82K miles, put off trans service because the General says 100k miles and also because it is such a PITA to do it. Got my shop finished and the lift put in and all of a sudden it got a lot easier to do things like this. The dealership insisted on a BG flush and I didnt buy it(see above)
They quoted around 150.00, would not have dropped pan or changed screens.(didnt buy that either)
Since the lift came, I have done several things on the Caddy, including coolant drain/fill and replacement of a noisy right front bearing hub.
Even with it up in the air, it is still a nasty deal to change the fluid. I thought I had it drained, but when I took the pan off, there was enough left in it to give me a ATF shower. Part of it, i guess.
Even though some will think I waited a long time for the trans service,(7 years, 80K miles) I will defend myself by reporting that the fluid looked fine and there were no nasty things in the pan or on the screens. This car is driven highway miles only about 200 miles a week. Everything lasts a long time when you do that type of driving,( tires, brakes etc.) as opposed to the local stuff.
Bought the car with 18k miles as a GM certified car and there has been no problem at all with it. Although I have owned other cars and currently also have a late model C6 'Vette, I can honestly say that the Cad is probably day in and day out my favorite of all time.
A friend bought a Benz at the same time i got the DTS, has been rid of it for three years and I still have the Caddy. The car is dead reliable, comfortable and does not have all the electronic devices and complicated stuff the Benz had. You dont have to be a software engineer to drive it.
The car just does what it is supposed to do, and even though some of the guys call me Gramps because of the Caddy, they don't know what they are missing until they ride in it.

06-14-13, 08:34 PM

I too have a 2006 DTS.
Mine is the 1SE Performance Edition which I bought new.

Currently have almost 130,000 on it and it still runs and drives great.
I did a coolant change and a transmission fluid change at about 85,000 miles.

I love my DTS ... :)

06-14-13, 09:32 PM
Pleased to meet ya, SuperJim..
I've read a lot of good posts by you. Bought my car as a current year lease return in 2006 with 18k miles on the clock (GM Certified), saved 15K compared the same car next to it on the lot that was brand new. My car is a Base model in White Lightning tricoat with beige interior.
No lie, this has been one of the best cars I have ever had.
I may eventually trade her in, probably on a Caprice SS in a couple of years or so when the initial excitement about them wears off like it did with the new Camaros, but I'm not in any hurry.
My son has a 2009 G8 GT which is basically the same car as the SS (RWD, 'Vette motor, etc) and has loved it.
I still love my DTS, though.
The new XTS really doesn't do it for me like the DTS did. When the DTS came out in 2006, I thought they were the neatest looking cars GM made and conveyed the spirit of the old Caddys of the 60's and 70's . Kind of reminded me of the old Eldos and Olds Toronados.
I plan to learn a lot from you guys now that I've really gotten into turning wrenches again.
Cheers: Bill

06-14-13, 10:22 PM
I also like the design of the DTS... :)
Mine is also White Lightning with the Shale (tan) interior.
I looked at the XTS... not crazy about it either... :(

Here is a picture of mine from last year at Glacier National Park... It was kinda dirty, but doesn't look to bad...

http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j40/superjim1944/June-July%202012%20Trip/Day%2011/20120707_112245.jpg (http://s76.photobucket.com/user/superjim1944/media/June-July%202012%20Trip/Day%2011/20120707_112245.jpg.html)

06-15-13, 09:35 PM
Beautiful. Very similar to mine. Ill post pix as soon as I figure out how to resize them to fit the format.

06-15-13, 10:28 PM
Beautiful. Very similar to mine. Ill post pix as soon as I figure out how to resize them to fit the format.

I just upload them to my free Photobucket account and link back to them from here...