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02-01-05, 10:17 PM
hello all, recently purchased a 2001 DTS overall very impress with the vehicle. Being an owner of an older 300SD Benz, I have noticed support on the web isn't nearly as common for the Cadillacs, heck maybe thats a good thing!

Glad I found this board and hope to contribute someday.

Is there a section here or another board perhaps that recommends good repair shops rather than using dealers? Along the same lines shops to stay away from, this could be a great help for newbie owners like myself.

well back to the forums, read , read read..

from Guelph Ont


02-01-05, 11:03 PM
welcome to the forums

02-02-05, 12:11 AM
:welcome: Hey! Jump on in, the water's just fine!
Welcome to you.
I rode with my previous boss who had a MB 500S I believe, the full size 4dr sedan, mid 90's. It had leather interior and I was looking forward to the ride the first trip. Man, was I surprised at how stiff they were. They turned out to be very uncomfortable on a lond trip. But my DeVille, soft and plush, smooth and sexy!
Oh, sorry.
Let us know if you see the same diference between your cars.


02-02-05, 08:05 AM
Welcome Ed!

Thanks for joining! Good luck with your DTS. Finding a good mechanic is like the search for the holy grail at times. Most of the local shops can handle Cadillac as long as they have the diagnostic tools available to them. A good GM guy should be able to do the job. Any warranty left on your 2001 (certified)? There is a lot of info here and great people who like to help.

Thanks for signing up with us!

02-02-05, 10:51 PM
Thanks to everyone on the welcome.

No factory warranty but a 3 yr pretty comprehensive extended warranty. I agree after looking over the site there are many knowledgable folks here.

School is still out on which ride is better, MB are stiffer but stick to the road like glue. The DTS is very smooth without being what I call floaty. Still getting used to all the electronics.

One question ;-)

If Cadillacs are for old folks they must one hell of a strong and long left arm. The reach to close the door is longer than any other vehicle I have ever owned. Not the lightest door either!!!

thanks again and I look forward to participating where I can.


02-03-05, 05:55 PM
i just bought my first cadillac 2 weeks ago. an 01 deville dts as well, hehe