: Can't post a picture

Jeff R
06-11-13, 09:20 PM
Trying to post a picture. Hit the butto with the square and the tree in it. I then pick the picture and click to download it and the computer just hangs up. Am I doing something wrong??

06-12-13, 08:29 AM
Not sure where you're getting the pictures from in the first place. many members use a photobucket account and store car stuff there, resize it to about 800 X 800 and upload from there. I use the Community tab ^^^ and create albus of parts and diagrams, resized to < 800 X 800, and use that as my storage. Then, in a post, you click "go advanced", then "Manage attachments", browse to your files and upload from there.

If you can't use those methods, then I'll copy your post to the Admin forums and someone more picture-literate than I can help.