: Anybody Else Ever Experience This?

06-11-13, 09:37 AM
Took the car through a no-touch wash on Saturday and after drying it off started the drive home. A few minutes into the trip, the cruise cuts out, the bell chimes and the DIC says "Stabilitrak Off" with the warning light on. I press the TC button a few times and cycle it through "Competitive Mode", "Stabilitrak Off" and back to default. A minute or 2 later - same thing happens all over again. This happened every few minutes (3 or 4 more times until I reached home). The car showed no other symptoms and when I got home, I scanned for codes and there was nothing in the memory. I let it sit overnight and it out for a spin the next morning. Drove it about 7 or 8 miles and the car was perfectly normal.
I know there have been a few instance of faulty sensors, debris getting caught in a sensor or a bad accelerator position sensor, which the dealer can remedy. But this time, it looks like the issue has fixed itself!
Just wondering if anybody has experienced the getting "fixed on its own" thing?

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06-11-13, 09:49 AM
I've read some other accounts of the car having some gremlins associated with water. I even think Motor Trend replaced a window motor/harness because it would open ever time it rained. The Cadillacs don't seem to appreciate water.

06-11-13, 10:04 AM
on my pickup, esp when it is cold out, if water freezes or sometimes covers up the backup sensors that will cause the "stabilitrack off" message to come on. After it melts and they are uncovered, it is all good.

06-11-13, 11:03 AM
Are the backup sensors used by stabilitrack? Perhaps the thawing of the sensors is coincident with thawing of another sensor elsewhere that enables stabilitrack.

06-11-13, 11:07 AM
i don't know, but it comes up.