: 1986 and 92 Eldorado

02-01-05, 01:16 PM
Obviously this is for those looking at older cars, but that's not uncommon here.
The 86 almost turned me off to GM forever, but it looked so nice. It had been abused and neglected by the previous owners but what finally killed it was a pinhole leak in a fuel line. $350 plus tax to replace the fuel pump and pickup that worked fine was just too much.
The 92 is a much better car. It rides better, performs better and seems generally much more modern. Because of income limitations I have to go for older cars that usually need some work. If you're in the same boat, just remember that Cadillac parts are usually more expensive than other GM names. Eldorados are almost a limited production car so there's not much in the way of after market it seems. And if you want, or need, to do your own repairs, forget Chilton and put that money toward a factory service manual.