: The BIG Cadillac Owners Meet

02-01-05, 10:01 AM
Okay. I've been considering doing one of those Krispy Kreme non-profit fund drives. If you've ever been to a Krispy Kreme, you probably know the sign I'm talking about: "Need Funds?"

Well, I'd like to get either some of our local meets paid for, or have one BIG meet paid for. In that case, whichever area gets the most signups will have the meet. ANYWAY. I think it works like this.. I buy certificates for Krispy Kreme dozens.. I sell them for about a dollar more than a dozen doughnuts normally cost. Simple enough. Right?

We have almost 21,000 members here. If I can get even 1000 people to buy their next dozen of Krispy Kremes from me, we'll have $3500.00 for each meet. Again, this is non-profit, so 100% of the proceeds go toward the meet..

Are ya with me? What do you think? Can it work? Would you Like a paid-for meet with all kinda of good stuff going on? Music, food, etcetera?

02-01-05, 12:17 PM
That sounds like a pretty reasonable idea. How much are the donut's going to sell for? :D

02-01-05, 12:58 PM
I think $6.50 per dozen...

02-01-05, 01:51 PM
Tha's not too bad. It would sure be worth it if we could ever manage to organize something. I would definitely buy some. :D

02-01-05, 02:37 PM
Where would the meet be???

02-01-05, 04:44 PM
If we sell LOTS and lots of doughnuts, the meets will be all over the place. If we only have one meet, I'm not quite sure... Maybe wherever most people would participate would be closest to...

02-01-05, 06:27 PM
It would be absolutely ridiculous to have one big meet.

02-01-05, 10:17 PM
Why? It's been done.. Technically, you guys can have all the "meets" you want. What I'm trying to accomplish here is something more. Something big. More like an event.. There's nothing ridiculous about that.

02-01-05, 10:41 PM
Why? It's been done.. Technically, you guys can have all the "meets" you want. What I'm trying to accomplish here is something more. Something big. More like an event.. There's nothing ridiculous about that.

I think a big meet would be great !!! Kind of like the hands across America event. If we could not meet all in one state we could do a state by state meet on the same day.
All it takes is a positive thinking and working together. Count me in Sal. Anything I can do in the Los Angeles area to assist let me know. I find nothing ridiculous about your idea. Maybe Caddy dealers might be interested in helping with your cause after all it's free advertising.
Peace :)

02-04-05, 01:37 AM
I just bought a dozen glazed Krispy Kreams tonight. Just think, that could have paid for a hot dog at a meet. Damn. I'll have to save the rest, so I can buy more in the future. I don't want to eat too many, mainly because I'd like to be alive when this meet happens..hehe. Other than that, I've got one thing left to say..."mmmmmm......donut.....huhuhuhuh.........DOH!" :D

Let us know when this is supposed to go down. I'm getting tired of being one of two people I know with a caddy. :helpless:

02-07-05, 11:40 AM

The doughnut idea is terriffic, the treats will cost just a drop over 50 cents each, a price that is hardly objectionable. Considering 99.9 percent of those who would attend are Caddy owners, the price per dozen should not enter ones mind as an issue.

Will Krispy help out with any kind of cooperative advertising of the event? Maybe contacting the Kripsy folks to see if they would like to attend and set up a table or booth would be good. I bet a Krispy exec or two owns a Caddy, maybe they can be involved as well.

Are there any other companies that offer the same kind of deal?

A multi state meet is doable but the amount of planning must be staggering. would a national tour where one meet every week or two may be better. Doing a survey on how far people are willing to travel for such an event would be good info to have in pocket too. Have a peek at the thread I replied to under meets, there may be some usefull 411 there.

hope all goes well with planning and that the first meet is in the north east hehe.

02-08-05, 09:33 PM
Los Angeles Ca is listening....and interested. Also, try contacting my buddies at our Southern Cali CTS club. We have meets all the time, most recent was last month. here is our website...http://www.socalctsclub.com/

02-09-05, 09:12 AM
Sal great idea, let me know if I can help. A regional one would be great, however I would consider travel to a national event (that might be fun!)

02-15-05, 08:55 PM
Big meet? I am so in. The farther I have to drive my V to get there, the better!!

-- Jerry

03-03-05, 11:25 PM
That's an excellent idea........ but what if we don't have a Krisy Kreme in our state?

03-04-05, 12:38 AM
That's an excellent idea........ but what if we don't have a Krisy Kreme in our state?
then you will just have move to a state that does .....i got 3 within 30 minutes of me ...my colestorol level proves it ...damn the freshly made donut ...

then again yall prolly have "white castle" up there...man i miss that stuff ...

03-04-05, 09:38 PM
There's a cool little diner down the road from my house that serves fresh Krispy Kreams. I get one on the side, with my chocalate milk, and pancakes sometimes. Delicious :D . Come to think of it, there's a White Castle just down the road from me too. There burgers are excellent. I like how small they are, 'cause it makes you think your eating more food than you actually are, and your not as hungry after you finish them.

03-17-05, 05:25 PM
Maybe we can have a national meet in Winston-Salem, NC. that's where the Devil founded that place, I hate that place it seems like everytime I drive by the red light is on and I have to stop to make sure that the dougnuts really are fresh and hot!!!! I'm in for the doughnuts maybe everyone at my dealership will buy them too just think if everyone sold 5 dozen we could gather $100,000.

03-21-05, 10:46 PM
Also, we should figure on where the majority of people are. East coast wise, I know there is a bunch in the PA-NJ area, and in the Flordia area. But actual numbers, and numbers of people who would travel to a midpoint somewhere, etc. all need to be taken into account.

04-01-05, 01:40 AM
corvettes do it every year , saturns do it every year , why not us ...the cadillac homecoming ...tho detroit isnt exactly as "people freindly" as spring hill tenn or bowling green ky ...

Ive always wanted to do the convoy thing for huge meet.....

So ....what is the most american place in the US ...what city best exudes "USA"

04-06-05, 01:15 PM
Doesn't Carlisle PA. have a Caddy meet?

04-23-05, 07:36 AM
I say the central most city/state in the U.S. and hold it there. That way it would be fair to everyone as far as travel is concerned. Or, just have it in Detroit(or nearby)where the Cadillacs roll of the assembly lines like Krispy Kremes. Also they have Krispy Kremes and White Castles within driving distance.

All in all I say YES to a big meet.

04-23-05, 07:03 PM
Holding the meet in the most central state isn't fair to the people who live on the east/west coast of the U.S. because they have to travel the farthest. Is this supposed to be a meet where we actually bring our cars? Driving 2000 miles (getting there and back) is a lot to ask. The problem with the giant meets is that you don't have enough caddy owners that know about this site with free schedules and the money to make it to a meet thats too far away. I know about four or five caddy owners in my area with the same year and model car as mine that have never heard of this site. I'll be surprised if you can get everybody to agree on 10 solid meet areas. That's where the focus needs to start at. Then pick an unchanging date, once again that you can get everybody (or even 90%) to agree on. Then see actually how many cars will be there. You get those three requirements fulfilled and then you might be able to talk about money. These meets threads are great for getting people excited and that's it. I've been trying to get a meet going in the nations capital for almost a year with absolutely no success. I hope nobody thinks I'm being pessimistic but I'm just trying to be honest and realistic. I'm already seeing people trying to pull the meet closer to their hometown. I know how great it feels to be part of a caddy convoy. I had one going in northern tennessee and that was the bomb. Once people saw us then the convoy got bigger every week as more caddy owners joined in. But that was with people I knew face to face. Maybe we need to check out our cousin corvettes forum sites to see how they get it done. Every once in awhile I see that huge corvette convoy driving here in d.c. and it looks tight.

Silver Surfer
05-04-05, 08:14 PM
That's an excellent idea........ but what if we don't have a Krisy Kreme in our state?

Fritz, OMG they are popping up all over the place up here in the Fox Valley. I too would be interested in coming to the meet. Maybe I'll bring you a doz. sounds like it would be a blast.


05-07-05, 07:40 PM
My vote for location goes to the Lansing assembly plant.

Pay those hardworking folks back for making these nice rides. :coolgleam

Night Wolf
05-09-05, 12:02 PM
My vote for location goes to the Lansing assembly plant.

Pay those hardworking folks back for making these nice rides. :coolgleam

You mean the one GM just closed up?