: best place to find seatbelt?

06-10-13, 03:13 PM
The seatbelt buckle on the 2nd row seat is no longer working properly and I'd like to find a replacement. Dealer would not sell one buckle but instead told us we'd have to buy the entire set of seatbelts...I don't remember the price...$700 or something stupid.

Anyway, what I need is the belt buckle for the rear seat (2nd row), behind the front passenger. The belt is fine, but it won't clip into the buckle anymore. Grey in color. Car-part the best place to find one?


06-10-13, 04:41 PM
Junk yard.

06-10-13, 08:03 PM
+1 for the yard! When I first got the Deville I was in my garage admiring the room in the back seat pretendi ng i was getting set for a road trip. Sitting on the right rear side I buckled myself in... THE BELT WOULD NOT UNBUCKLE!!! No matter how hard I pressed that button it would not budge. I basically yelled very loudly until my brother in law ran into the garage from inside the house to see what the commotion was! After he grabbed a flathead I was able to pry the darn thing open, it was the female end that had failed.
I picked up one at the yard for less than $5 and it worked great. Yes I know I addressed the OPs question with my first sentence, but sometimes you need a lil story to make ya chuckle! Needless to say I checked the other seatbelts BEFORE I put them on! :-)

06-11-13, 03:04 PM
Ebay of course