: Motor mount help needed!

01-31-05, 03:59 PM
My 99 STS with 38K miles clunks every time I let off the gas and get back on it. Or when I shift into or out of gear. I'm guessing its a motor mount, in fact, the dealer just told me that motor mounts are pretty common on my car. Anyone replaced one themselves? Hard to get to? Whats the dealer charge? Anyone?

01-31-05, 07:48 PM
They are pretty tough to change on the ground. Our shop usually gets about 2.0 hrs to change one ( if it's the front, and it usually is )

02-01-05, 07:33 AM
You will need to remove the fans and the plastic sheild under the nose. Get new clips for the sheild because the old one tend to loosen up when removed and allow the sheild to rattle. Once the fans are out, remove the motor mount nuts from the frame. Then support the engine and remove the bracket mount bolts from the head. Then loosen and remove the nuts that hold the motor mount to the bracket. Finally remove the lower bracket bolts that go into the block. Lift the engine slightly until the mount can be pulled free. Install new mount and bolt bracket back to block and head. Install nuts on mount to bracket. Lower engine and install nuts to frame. Torque to spec. Reinstall cooling fans and sheild. 2 hrs at the dealer is probably reasonable. You could probably do it yourself in 2-3 hrs.