View Full Version : 2012 & later STS Nav Discs - Version 8.0, 9.0 worthwhile?

06-09-13, 09:02 PM
Has anyone anteed up for one of the newer single-DVD Navigation disc's available for more than a year?

Are the maps much more current? POI's, etc?

The Nav firmware upgrade to 2007 models & earlier IS worthwile on its own, IMO.

06-09-13, 10:34 PM
I have the latest nav disc and it seems just as useless as when I had an older disc in my 2007 sts. Although I've yet to ask the dealer about a firmware update for my nav. I really hope the firmware thing helps. You said 2007 and earlier. Does that mean there's no such update for my car? Thanks.

06-09-13, 10:41 PM
AFAIK, the firmware upgrade only applies to old (pre-2008) Nav's.

06-09-13, 11:18 PM
Gotcha. Well when I'm in ny the nav doesn't do too bad with recognizing addresses. But here in NC it's pretty bad. And I have the latest disc. I can't wait to move back to NY.

06-10-13, 06:46 AM
I wonder how much the local stealership would rook me for a firmware update...

Chris, er, Rippy...how much should it be, about?

06-10-13, 07:57 PM
It takes about 45 minutes. There's a link to the procedure in the 'Sticky' thread at the top of the forum. If they have the disk, one hour labor isn't far out of line. I think it does take a Tech II. It does improve Bluetooth, VR a bit and if you have MRC it's nice to have it on the first Config screen.

Guy - Around here, they're still in love with rural addresses. In-town homes & businesses have street addresses like W65N2210 Washington Ave. I've taken to entering the destination by phone number! It's quicker!

06-10-13, 10:41 PM
I tried it once and it didn't work. Ill try it more often.