View Full Version : Installing Rear Main Seal with Crank Removed

06-09-13, 04:16 PM
I am in the process of time-serting a 2002 Norstar 9 engine, replacing head gaskets, rings, bearings, and lower end reseal. Has anyone had experience replacing the rear main with the crank out of the motor? All the discussions I've seen involve pressing the seal in with the crank in and both halves in place. Does it mess up the main bearing clearance if the lower half is installed and torque/angled with the real seal in place?

Manic Mechanic
06-09-13, 11:13 PM
I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish but from what I've experience I don't think it will work. It's not the final bearing clearance I'm seeing as an issue though if you've got everything else covered. I'm more doubtful that you'll be able to press it onto the crank perfectly strait and to the exact depth. It is one tight mother. Those plastic seal installers you see on Ebay are obsolete and will break if tried on the current seal designs that require the updated all metal seal installers. The new seals require over 70 ft/lbs. on the large pressing bolt. The only thing I can imagine you being able to do would be to just leave the old seal on and then put the bottom half back. But that's just dumb, to much risk that it won't work for the amount of work required to go back and do it again. You'll have to install it with the the block buttoned up and the metal install tool.


06-10-13, 11:08 PM
Thanks Vernon!