View Full Version : Sirius Radio Suggestions

01-30-05, 11:53 PM
Anyone have any advice on how I should hook up sirius radio to my stock radio. Can I still even use the stock radio? Where should I mount the Sirius Hardware? Any suggestions.

02-09-05, 08:53 PM
Yes, there is a Sirius Audiovox portable unit that can hook up to any FM radio and play through the system. Ihave 1 in my STS. Any further help needed, just reply or email!


02-21-05, 03:15 PM
I have sirius in both my 97 & 93. The 93 has a new kenwood sirius head unit with the tuner needed.

The sound is MUCH better than the 97. The 97 has the removable reciever so it uses the Fm Modulation. That kinda sucks, when I go near the airport in Louisville the freq get garbled.

I would recommened if possible going with a hard wired unit and not the modulation. I didnt want to change the factory unit so I went with the modulation type.

I love the sirius, I wont drive something that doesnt have it. Hate the fact the GM is with XM..if I buy a new car I will make them take it out..that outta be interesting.

Good luck