: Cold Air Intake from Europe

01-30-05, 08:15 PM
Anybody know of a good site that sell air intakes for the 3.0 Omega-B.
I want to import one in from europe but cant find a site.
England or Germany would be good.


01-30-05, 10:23 PM
See... you can get "intakes" on ebay.. id go for the fully enclosed one if you must. Its chrome and it surrounds the filter. You could pop in a replacement K & N filter and get more flow in the stock box. http://www.knfilterchargers.com/search/appsearch.aspx
I know where to get a performance resonator plenum chamber. Issue is shipping- you should call/email them.


Click Tuning > V6 Power and scroll to the bottom .

Also notice things such as cam upgrades and tuning packages.. be careful, some of this stuff wont work exactly with our version of the engine.

To end-
My opinion about the current system on the Catera with the extended intake tubing running to the grille is about as cold air as you can get without running it down below/in the bumper. Happy tuning! :coolgleam