: alittle modification to our front bumper

06-08-13, 03:55 PM
Back story:

I was driving home one day, when a semi truck driver decided to merge into my lane with my RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!, I was already in the Left lane, I had no place to go but right into a orange construction barrel! the semi driver just kept going of course, so i managed to haul ass and catch up to him. I got infront of him and slow down until we both were stopped completely on the rode, thats when I called the cops. Anyway, he was given the ticket, and Im awaiting the police report to give to his company so they pay for the damages. I was quoted $2000. The barrel scartched up and cracked my bumper, dented the top of my fender, and completely ripped off my side mirror. So, knowning that the dealership was going to repair and repaint my bumper, i decided to do what ive always wanted to do!... get rid of the bar going under the fogs, and splitting the front bumper to look like the NEW V. I think it looks subtle, Stock kind of... anyway now pics....



oh, and i bought the woven mesh for the sides, but im waiting for it to come in. so for now, ill have 2 empty holes instead of fogs. Oh and the new turn signal is the small driving light in the bottom corner of the headlight.

06-08-13, 06:50 PM
Nice! I like it! Glad you got justice on the accident.

06-08-13, 06:58 PM
I like it a lot!!! Can you do a write up?

06-08-13, 07:31 PM
Thanks guys! Yea I'm glad I got justice also, I didn't want my insurance going up because of that guy. As far as a write, its actually quite easy just time comsuming, I took more pics of the process as it was coming along so ill post them soon. Oh and the bumper right now was just painted with color match paint from pep boys so it doesn't look real good. I just didn't want the primer to be showing so its just a temporary thing so it looks decent until I get it painted.

06-08-13, 08:39 PM
That looks great actually! That first picture I was kind of wondering but I think it is fantastic! I wouldn't have the guts to do it to mine if it wasn't already jacked up I guess. I love my fogs but I like what you have done there too and think the turn signal idea is amazing!


06-08-13, 09:52 PM
Im with ^^ I saw the first pic and was like OH NO then i see it finishes and it definitely looks good. Post up more pics im interesting in the process. I could never do that to a good bumper but in your case it turned out awesome.

06-09-13, 07:55 AM
Yea I guess in the first pic it looks like I just cut off the whole center and was planning on keeping it off haha. That would have looked horrible! Basically I cut the center off about 1/4" from the back , leaving the lower grille mounts on, that way I wouldnt have to mess with the mounts, then notched out roughly 1 1/2" from the section and just moved it in and expoxied it all back together inside and out. I cut two pieces of plexiglass I had to fill in the openings on the sides, and just fiberglassed bondo everything and now waiting for paint job. Hopefully next week ::fingers crossed::

Ill post pics once I get on my computer. Also, sorry for all the typos, predictive text from my phone always gets the best of me.

06-09-13, 11:10 AM
Are you located in Miami or the South Florida area? Just asking cause it looks like Miami.

06-09-13, 11:18 AM
Broward actually.

06-09-13, 02:34 PM
that looks sick i like it

06-10-13, 03:51 AM
I'm in Tampa. We need to get an all Florida meet goin. I like the bumper but the fogs I'm not sure.

06-10-13, 06:28 PM
A florida meet up would be cool. Thanks; once the mesh is in place of the fogs, it'll give it a more complete look. Still waiting on them.

06-12-13, 11:26 AM
Nice, I'm in Miami right now on leave. I'm stationed in San Diego. So I don't have my V here, but I do get to ride in my buddy's 2013 V.

06-12-13, 08:47 PM
I agree, it looks pretty darn good! The cool factor gets about 10 whp more as well...lol :) I replaced my headlight-running lights with led's, and I was thinking how to convert those to turn signals..lol..

06-13-13, 09:58 AM
It's a nice look, but others should be cautioned not to attempt this as it could interfere with the action of the diffuser and cause reduced stability at high speeds.

06-13-13, 12:13 PM
Hm, I went 153mph (fastest I've been so far) yesterday (undisclosed road) and it felt exactly the same as before I did it.

Although I don't recommend going that fast or saying it makes it more stable, just saying it felt good enough for me

06-13-13, 01:58 PM
Best part of that statement is your undisclosed road comment!


06-13-13, 02:53 PM
Got the mesh in today, pretty much finished them, just need to mount them permanently and paint them black to match. Yes, the side mirror is still broken, the fender still dented, and the bumper not painted. The semi driver's company was dodging my phone calls for 3 days straight, finally had to get my wife to call and what do you know! they picked up. Apparently, a woman's voice obligates a man to answer the phone haha. Anyway, still waiting on the adjuster, hopefully it'll be in the bodyshop by next week.


06-13-13, 05:35 PM
I think its bad a$$! Gives our cars a new and even meaner look.. IMO

06-13-13, 06:19 PM

06-13-13, 06:32 PM
Thanks wings. I agree, look way more aggressive, I think the V1 looks too soft, this makes it closer to the V2 (since I can't afford one yet).

06-15-13, 06:55 PM
You did a great job and it looks pretty clean! I like it alot!

06-17-13, 01:58 PM
This mod is sick! Thanks for posting!

OneFast V
06-17-13, 02:14 PM
I would have done the fog mesh grilles such that the pattern was in the diamond orientation as opposed to the squared, to stay consistent with the rest of the grille. but it looks great either way!

06-17-13, 04:02 PM
I know, I'm an idiot. I realized I made it square instead of the diamond pattern AFTER I bent it.oh well, once its all black it'll be hard to tell

06-17-13, 05:08 PM
Can you take more pictures from different angles? Like a little more from the side of the car. No need to wait until it is painted. You my sir are quite creative. I want this!


Your headlight eyebrow and washer cover on the driver side headlight are painted platinum too ?

Also, where did you get the mesh? It looks stainless?

06-18-13, 02:59 PM
It's cool to know that the LEDs contained in the headlights can be wired to function as turn signals. I would consider replacing the fogs with a housing (similar to the v2) and mount some red halo's.

06-18-13, 04:04 PM
Well I'm re-doing the mesh in the fogs to be diamond shapes to match the grille, ill post pics when I finish and mount them. The mesh IS stainless, cost $30 for a 12"x12" on ebay. Im just going to leave it mesh, I thought about putting a projector with a halo, but I like having just the headlights, (not a big "light" fan). Plus, maybe someday ill twinturbo the v and put the filters in that space! Haha if only!

Update on the repair:
After calling the adjuster (4 times in 5days) I finally spoke to his supervisor who got intouch with him and now just waiting until he come look at the car, hopefully tomorrow! Almost a month into this situation. Ridiculous.

06-18-13, 04:36 PM
I'm not usually much of a light person either. I just know if I'm driving and I see lights behind that are really low to the ground, it usually looks quite aggressive. I also really like the idea you went with. And good luck!

06-18-13, 04:55 PM
Your headlight eyebrow and washer cover on the driver side headlight are painted platinum too ?

Any more pics from different angles?

06-18-13, 05:19 PM
Sorry about the accident. Hope the trucking company doesn't read this thread or they'll take half credit for your mod. Ha ha!

Looks good! If you were going to put fogs in somewhere, where could they go? Maybe to each end of the lower grill? Maybe not.

06-18-13, 07:51 PM
Looks awesome, since I bought my v I've wanted to black the grille and the middle of the lip. Not sure ill go all the way and notch it like you did but yours is inspiring

06-18-13, 09:37 PM
The eyebrows and washer covers are both wrapped to match the platinum. It was all covered with plastidip like the passenger light, but it was ripped off when I hit the barrel, I have to redo it. Ill take more pics of different angles tomorrow in the sun light.

As far fogs, I can still put fogs if I wanted to, the stock mounting holes/screws are still there, that what I'm using to mount the mesh.

Thank you all for the compliments, I'm glad u all like it. I can't wait to have it all painted and finished already!

06-20-13, 05:52 PM
I'm in Miami and have an 07 Blk V, would like a V meet in Miami or Broward then we could go to a tittie bar....lol
Dade county is better for that! hit me up guys inogales78@gmail.com

06-21-13, 12:49 AM
Do you also have eyelashes for those eyebrows?

06-21-13, 06:45 AM
That sounds like a plan!. There's a place called tower shop on 595 and university. Every friday night car show, classic cars to imports, and everything inbetween! Then we can go to tootsies!

06-21-13, 11:56 AM
So you're going to get eyelashes too?

06-21-13, 04:59 PM
I don't like it, I'm a little biased though. It left me looking like this.....


And the eyebrows are there to cover up the scratches in the headlights.

Oh ya, the car has been faster than 153 :shhh:

06-21-13, 05:54 PM
I was waiting for u to put in ur negative comments ha. I'm suprised it took this long. I don't think u were ready to sell this car, u are way too inlove with it. And as far as speed, I was catching up to some cars so I had to let off. Eventually ill find a street with NO cars and do it again.

06-21-13, 06:05 PM
Haha. I do still love the car and just pissy that its not me modifying it anymore :(

I went in a completely different direction. Just bought a 14' grand Cherokee hemi


Sucks to hear about the damage too. I freaked when I got a rock chip in the hood!

Hope you keep enjoying it and she treats you well, I'm just a little grumpy she's gone :)

06-21-13, 06:14 PM
Those new Cherokees are beauitful! Nice choice. Yea the damage sucks but apparently I'm getting only a $1400 settlement check. So ill be fixing the bumper myself and buying a used side mirror and having them all painted. Already got quoted so I have a little extra cash which is nice. Ill be getting all new bushings (revshift craddle, diff, tranny, control arms) hopefully get rid of the wheel hop. I'm still trying to convice the wife to let me get headers instead of using the rest to pay bills lol, I don't think ill win that battle though.

06-24-13, 09:09 AM
You still get wheel hop? I put the hendrix axle on the drivers side, got rid of wheel hop for me. Only time it would hop is when it was wet out.

06-24-13, 09:11 AM
Its not horrible wheep hop, but I'd like to get rid of it completely.

06-24-13, 11:40 AM
That's a big list for the settlement check, you really know how to stretch $1400.

06-24-13, 12:03 PM
Well a good family friend of mine is a painter for cadillac. Hes painting it for free just need to buy the paint. And I decided not to get control arm bushings, so it'll be like $300 for the rest of the bushings. Used side mirror was $90 on ebay. So that's $400, and paint I believe he said it was $180 for paint and sandpaper etc. So yea $1400 is lasting me a while, the headers battle was lost! So ill have to save for them.

07-16-13, 07:01 PM

Update.. (pics not great, it was raining out so the car is wet )

Got my check; bought the side mirror, all revshift bushings, drivers window and kept the rest of the money. I fixed the dent on my fender myself so saved myself even more money.So I decided to try out a new paint job, I know many won't like it cuz its plastidip, but for $100 u can't go wrong. I can always peal it off whenever so I'm not worried , I see it as it'd protecting my original paint. The headlight aren't done, I have another set which ill be taking apart to paint the inside black and re doing the trim in black also.



07-16-13, 07:45 PM
It might not be what I go with but it looks pretty mean just the same! Kind of Batmobileish! That and the dark rims looks cool to me!

07-16-13, 08:08 PM
Its actually darker in person and less blue"ish". The pic really doesn't do it justice. I guess it does look batmobileish, which is great because that the look at I was going for. At night it looks soooo sick! Sinister kinda. Still need to get my calipers powder coated ZR1 blue or some kind of nice blue.

07-17-13, 02:33 PM
I bet in the dark that thing is sick! if I pulled up next to that in the dark I would be thinking "What is that and what has he done to it?" I still think it is a cool idea and something to play with. I think the guy in Germany who got his vinyl wrapped is sweet and something different. I still applaud you for your efforts and thinking outside the box! Giving me ideas too which my wife hates me having ideas! Hehe


07-18-13, 06:09 PM
Gotta admit that color combo looks pretty cool. Didn't like it when you just blacked out the chrome, but it looks nice now. Gimme a call in a few years when your ready to sell it :)