View Full Version : Aftermarket rear parking sensor installation

06-08-13, 11:48 AM
I got my xd-066 kit for my birthday. The inexpensive kit works quite well, but the installation was painful. I wouldn't do it on anyone else's car for less than $500, but I took a lot of care to make it unobtrusive, locating one sensor in each depressed slot adjacent to the reflectors. I also tested the components and their possible locations before starting installation.


I put my hand up behind the bumper fascia where I wanted to locate the sensors and found that there was about 1.25 inches of plastic foam between the fascia and the steel bumper, which was enough room. I used the hole saw provided with the kit to cut through the fascia and into the foam. Then I used a small sharp screwdriver to chip out foam until the sensor could fit in without binding on the foam. I only installed two of the four sensors in the kit. I am planing to lengthen the cables on the other two and mount them in front, where the parking lot bumpers want to eat the air dam.

I was not able to determine a fuse connection in my cts wagon for the led backup lights, so I tapped the 12 volt auxiliary power outlet in the console and ran a wire to the steering wheel housing, where I put a small rocker switch in the bottom of the housing. From there I ran the power to the xd-066 in the rear of my Sportwagon. I don't always need it to park, but since I prefer backing into parking spaces, I find it very useful.

I do like having the sensor display, especially with my low hanging trailer hitch that I use to transport bicycles. I did mute the beep speaker, which now only clicks faster as I get closer.

It's amazing, but the body color spray paint can for the sensors to match the bumper cost more than the kit. Electronics really are cheap, or maybe paint is really expensive. - Dave