: spare tire ideas

06-08-13, 09:34 AM
those of you who have gone with the spare tire set up on the V, have any actually used it? the spare tire you are using, I think, is an inch or 2 smaller in diameter than the stock tire height. this might not be good for the rear end, or mess up the vehicles sensors which detect wheel speed or antilock brake? anyone actually use their spare or have a spare that is at least 26" in diameter? the rear tire well looks like it will only fit up to 25" in diameter or a little bigger.
we need a COLLAPSIBLE spare tire

06-08-13, 05:33 PM
If I had to go more than a couple miles on the spare, and I blew a rear tire, I think I'd mount the spare on the front and mount the front on the rear.

06-08-13, 10:24 PM
Until recently didn't they supply these spare tires from the factory? So why would there be a problem?

the blur
06-09-13, 06:36 AM
I have the spare tire setup. I wouldn't drive fast on it. Certainly I'd use it to get me out of a jam. The spacer everyone recommends is not what they think it is. It's not hub centric, and the company that sells it doesn't seem to care enough to list hub centric spacers on their web site. I Tried talking to the spacer company, which was a waste of time. If you do it, make sure it's hub centric on both sides of the spacer.

06-09-13, 07:01 PM
the factory doesnt supply a spare tire because a tire of the correct diameter wont fit in the spare tire well. The first gen V had run flats, and having driven both, the second gen car has NO run flats because they drive so much nicer without them.

06-09-13, 08:07 PM
Runflats are better than they used to be. I'm hopeful that the new Super Sport runflats made for the C7 will also be made for our CTS-Vs. I know they're still not the best track weapons, but they're just the thing for daily driving.