: Rough Ride and Lots of Rattling Inside

Cadillac 11
06-07-13, 10:50 PM
So I recently changed the wheels and tires from gigantic 20's to stock 17's (See attached photo) on my '05 V8 2wd srx, and while the ride is better it's still pretty tough. Not sure if it's because the roads in LA are that horrible, or if maybe I need to look at my MRC/suspension?

And the rattling noises inside from all over is driving me nuts, most of it comes from the center stack and front passenger area. Thought it was from the A/C vents, but not it, can't find the source, anyone else have the same issue? And the rear seats vibrate and rattle more than [insert comic pun here] and the seatbelt buckles rattling against the plastic is beyond annoying.

Read all the reviews about how great the ride and how quiet and smooth the SRX. Well...have yet to experience that.

On a side note, thanks to previous posts, I was able to find out if I had MRC, searched my VIN and sure enough I do. Thank you fellow forumers! :)

06-07-13, 11:20 PM
Tires might need a better balancing.Also I thinks 05 V8 had 18inch wheels and tires.

06-07-13, 11:36 PM
With an 8 year old suspension there is probably a combination of things going on. How many miles are on yourSRX? Id have a mechanic go over the suspension thoroughly. What psi are you carrying in the tires? PJ

Cadillac 11
06-07-13, 11:58 PM
Yea, but got a great deal on the 17's. Eventually going to get chromed 18s. 86K and around 36PSI per tire avg

06-08-13, 09:55 AM
I am pretty sure that the recommended tire pressure from Cadillac on the oem tires is 30psi. That seems too low but was probably recommended so that one would experience a "Cadillac" softer ride. 30psi is on the SRX V8's sticker with the oem 18 inch rims. And the vehicle came with the Michelins. Look at the sticker, drivers' door jam to confirm.

I also am carrying 36psi in mine. The ride is indeed a bit annoying on the Metro Boston roads that seem like they never get paved, only patched, or are only smooth for about 2 years after a total repave. But the outside edges on the front tires now wear at the same rate as the rest of the tire tread, not faster......you can't rotate the offset sizes front to rear. Some tire brands and models may have a slightly stiffer sidewall. What brand and sizes did you put on the 17" rims?

If you do a search on this forum you will find fixes for rattling second row seats. In some cases the mounting bolts were loose and just needed snugging up. In others, a strategic washer to act as a shim. In the case of rattling seatbacks (center row), a little tape to cushion the metal-on-metal latch fit.

Re the center row seatbelt rattling against the side plastic trim by the doors, very common, both right and left sides......I tuck the buckles under the headrests routinely, and it keeps things quiet.

Re the suspension......starting at 27K miles, I have had a few front suspension issues and up front rattles. Both front sway bar insulators were replaced at 27K (rattle/thunking). Also both lower control arms at 28K (groaning). Outer tie rod ends at 87K. And a right front caliper came loose at 55K. I don't have MRC, but load leveller shocks are original on all four corners, no issues.

One of my up front rattles was the fit of the UltraView roof which was fixed with the replacement of the rear guides. That also fixed the wind noise at the front edge of the UltraView as well.

I hope this gives you some ideas to eliminate your rattles and racket.


06-08-13, 10:07 AM
All depends on your personal preference I've got 22"s and run 40 psi and in 27k miles no abnormal wear yes the ride is stiffer than stock but then again the wheels came on it so I have no idea how these trucks actually ride.

Cadillac 11
06-08-13, 01:59 PM
Thanks PJ!

Glad to know I'm not the only one out there having these issues. Yea I figured smaller wheels will be smoother ride, and I got all wheels and tires for under $800. The tires are the Toyo Proxes S/T II, not sure about size, but can't rotate tires because each tire is specifically for each corner. Just spent $1600 fixing the engine mounts and rear diff bushing, so don't want to go off spending more money to fix major parts yet (hopefully the MRC is fine). Love that Ultra View, but it has been acting up, so I just leave it closed and open the shade.

I'll give the rattling dampers a try and see how it goes. Thank you!


All depends on your personal preference I've got 22"s and run 40 psi and in 27k miles no abnormal wear yes the ride is stiffer than stock but then again the wheels came on it so I have no idea how these trucks actually ride.

When I had my 20's they were also in the 40 psi range, think max was 55psi. The ride gets smoother and you don't feel every crack in the road as much on smaller wheels. Miss the look of massive 20's, but my butt's comfort comes first.

06-08-13, 03:39 PM
I hear you on that I could only imagine how this truck rides on stock

06-08-13, 07:07 PM
I thought you couldn't have 20" rims with MRC?

Cadillac 11
06-09-13, 12:07 AM
I thought you couldn't have 20" rims with MRC?

I bought the car used, and previous owner had aftermarket 20's on. So I looked up my VIN and checked to see if I had the extra wires/tubing, just to make sure.

06-09-13, 01:53 PM
Well, MRC was not available from the factory with the 20" Sport package. PJ.

06-09-13, 03:38 PM
You can bypass Magride with resistors and install regular shocks.

06-09-13, 07:43 PM
^This seems to be what people think, but as of no I have seen zero proof.