: higher stall converter????

06-07-13, 10:21 PM
Ive got this transmission shop who is building me a torque converter and was wondering if any other company has aftermarket converters? I figured a higher stall and a madtune should wake up this caddy abit.

06-08-13, 12:15 AM
Sure, for the the strip. But for the street?

Opinions vary.

06-08-13, 01:58 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if there is some aftermarket support on the trans. After all, it was used in quite a few vehicles such as the CTS, and the BMW 3 and 5 series.

Charles Warren
06-08-13, 08:01 AM
7 series and x5 too

06-08-13, 12:50 PM
We talkin the 5 speed or 6?

06-08-13, 02:25 PM
5 speed. I think BMW started using it in 99 or 2000. And I think they may have gone to the 6 speed, also, before GM did.