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01-29-05, 06:48 PM
1999 Cadillac Seville STS, 53,000 miles

This is the car for a perfectionist who wants pissed off, like those people are common:suspect:. I will start out saying whats great about the car. Why, because I don't want to bore you with how we bought it:yawn:.

Start the engine and you hear a great sound followed by an absolute silence 3 seconds later. You often wonder whether you turned the car on or not and have to chekc the tacometer to make sure. The gauge display is very welcoming yet has a small piece that slightly hangs down compared to it on the left side of the guages.

Next you will notice the wood trim that surrounds you. It is great and looks good for fake wood. The wood on the shifter and steering wheel is real though and most inviting. The only issue with the wood is that the plate where the shifter is has lifted a bit and the piece closest and to the right of the steering wheel is a little loose.

Further examining the steering wheel you will notice a small very slightly loose piece and 2 slightly sharp edges. Now the seats, they are near perfect. The only issue is when you touch your head to the head rests, they bump back a little. Well, also the rear bench could be a little deeper.

If you like the water well then leaky left rear door seal will excite you. But on the plus side, the leather is great. Only complaints left in the interior are some minor less expensive tid-bits. But I am way okay with those as long as they do not break. Oh and there is this gaurd thing in the glove box that need popped back into place. Also the sunroof does not seem to close right and that creates noise on the highway if teh shade is open.

Now outside the car. IT looks good and my only complaint is that for some reason a piece on the door started coming off. I popped it back on with ease.

Mechanically it is decent except for the power steering issue. Cadillac did though offer to pay us half the cost to repair out of warranty. Then there are a few squeks from the suspension and you can hear the ride level motor going.

It drives smooth and easy and the suspension has a perfect amount of firmness. Nothing sounds better than the Northstar under the hood.

Conclusion: Cadillac can do a bit better ont he build quality. The drivetrain is great though and the creature comforts well abundant.

Cons: Build quality issues, odd noises

Pros: Drivetrain, various interior materials, looks, road manors

01-29-05, 07:10 PM
Next you will notice the wood trim that surrounds you. It is great and looks good for fake wood. The wood on the shifter and steering wheel is real though and most inviting. The only issue with the wood is that the plate where the shifter is has lifted a bit and the piece closest and to the right of the steering wheel is a little loose.

Fake wood! :bonkers: That's real ZEBRANO wood my friend!!! Who told you it was fake? It does look fake, but it's because there are many layers of laquer finish on it to get it that glossy and perfect looking!
Trust me, I had several of the pieces of wood replaced on my 2000 STS, and if they want $400, it's DEFINETELY, not fake! :helpless:

01-29-05, 07:14 PM
:D :D AWESOME it is real! I knew the stuff ont he shifter and steering wheel was real. It just does not seem real like you said, esp when it is kinda coming away. Is the stuff on the flip fold thing real in the center consol though.I guess all the clear finish on it makes it seem fake.

01-29-05, 07:19 PM
Yes, it's all real. There's no fake wood in a $50,000 plus Cadillac! hehe, they save that for the $30,000 Devilles!
You are right, it does kinda look fake at times, but if you look at it real close, you can see the grain. You won't see any printing like you see on the fake plastic wood trim. My 1994 Deville has plastic wood trim, and you can tell the difference!

01-29-05, 07:26 PM
here is where its comin up a bit, and it is cause very slight cracking higher up. How could I fix it:hmm:

oh yeah i give the car a 9.1/10

02-01-05, 02:17 PM
I'm not sure how to fix it, but I've seen the center console piece sold on eBay for $20-$40. Might try and look for a used one!

12-21-06, 05:41 PM
I enjoyed your review...especially since I am eyeing one like yours from a family member.
" If you like the water well then leaky left rear door seal will excite you."

LOL !!!:histeric:

12-22-06, 05:56 PM
Speaking of woods I am quite a fan of them I wish GM used burl or walnut trim instead .Because I don't think it would look fake but I never thought that those trims were fake. Anyway,great to see we have woods galore .
There are many pros for Cadillac STS .I will tell my personal cons but rest assure those are nothing but fig lol
I love the way '92-97 Cadillac Seville STS/SLS air vents look . Those air outlets have a wider shape and therefore they have rectangular design to '98-04 Cadillac STS . However that can be changed up to person . I still like '00s though.
One other cons 'bout exterior design and yet this is very personal . I would like to have chrome bumper trim rather than plastic bumper cover . Take my word for it , I bought some following chrome trim accessories rocker molding pillar,door handle off tristateauto on ebay and you wouldn't believe how tremendously the overall looking of the car been optimized and sophisticated . And if you have a dark color like mine , it never palls on looking at it .
Other than that I wish wreath and crest emblem on steering wheel had colorful .
I also think that what's the best way of increasing overall quality and sophisticated feel of luxury is that Cadillac should have more chrome stuffs in any model line up .I wish GM had put chrome stripes just under the wood trims . In addition , Cadillac should have chrome buttons or similar to what '96 FWB has .

04-25-07, 12:11 PM
Majak, Have the 1999 STS myself - LOVE IT! Its like driving a cloud containing bolts of lightening.

My 99 STS is stock and all there and running GREAT with over 140K on it. I do have a clunking in the rear passenger side that I am having looked at and seems ellusive to find, it sometimes sounds like my rear passenger side door is ajar. The gas gage is all over and never tells me the right amount of gas I have in the car, having that fixed as well.

But thats it!! Everything absolutely everything is working like new on it. Oh ya did I say I LOVE IT?

I plan to have the engine and system flushed to remove carbon and crap.

I am looking for advise on performance enhancements that can be made to the car for fuel economy, more HP etc.

Oh ya, 0-6 in 6.68 seconds what a rush
Another rush doing 87 mph stepped on it and it went into passing gear and I watched the cars dissappear behind me! Did I mention I love this car?

All the best

04-29-07, 02:35 PM
First of all...The wood is real. The process Cadillac used could get 1000 pieces from a single tree, then it is laminated. I wish it was Ash Wood like BMW's but...Walnut will have to do. I have 120K on mine and it's reliable and quick as ever...I do have a water issue, but it's because of the sunroof channel. This is the same problem I had with every sunroof car I have ever owned!

Build wise, no problem, the fuel economy is 24.50 on the freeway, but will go down to 16.50 on the surface streets. This is a car that likes to be driven hard. The transmission seems to be the best component of the car, shifting so quietly I have to feel for it at times to tell it's working.

I have a 2006, which is perfected more, but not as lovible...you go figure!

09-09-09, 03:34 PM
Got my 99 STS a couple of days ago, payed 2100. It has 270000 km. I flushed antifreeze, DEX/COOl and pucks, changed oil, fuel filter (very dirty) four new tires, GOODYEAR ALLEGRA on sale 128.00 each balanced and alingment. It rides like a dream even though front end suspension is a bit low,(new struts 1000.00 a piece) I will wait. I just got new plugs OEM I will put them on tomorrow, no wires in the area.
Now my last car was a basic Honda Civic hatchback no A/C no CD and two speaker radio so when I got around all the bells and whistles on the STS, and everything works, I felt like a kid. If the engine, and what an engine it keeps giving, gives me a year I will spend the money to put OEM suspension and get it painted, it is green and the color has grown on me. I have read about a lot of troubles with the STS. I hope I am a lucky owner. O and the head gasket is fine, knock on the wood trim.

OEM suspension

10-20-09, 08:54 PM
I have a 99 STS, in which I just filled the Coolent tank a week later it went empty. The message "check coolent level" comes on, but when I let the car sit for a few hours the message goes away. It gets worse on the highway.