: New 3M DIY Spray on Film (paint protector)

06-07-13, 02:57 PM
Pretty relevant seeing as how everyone in here has a brand new car. I haven't used it myself but I'll definitely check it out sooner or later.


06-13-13, 08:29 AM
I've seen this, and it seems like this will be the end-all to Paint protection films for a DIY like myself.

I had been worried that it might simply be something like a clear-plastidip and thus has a nasty texture to it, but from what I can see in this page, it looks pretty much optically clear, and should provide 90% of the protection for 5% of the cost.

definitally let us know how it works!

06-13-13, 03:15 PM
One of the other local autocrossers said this about it:
"We actually use the roll-on version of this exact stuff at my work on the helicopters to protect their paintjobs, and it works great... I also personally tested the liquid version (not from a spray gun, just rolling it on some test panels), and it looks odd at first but it definitely comes together and holds together well. This stuff is great at protecting, just don't get it wet while you have the stuff on."

06-13-13, 05:21 PM
Looks like a great product. I might try this on the top of my rear bumper to protect it from getting things in and out if the trunk.