: Thoughts on CTS V3

06-06-13, 09:09 PM
Curious your thoughts on the 3rd gen CTS V. Will it have a twin turbo version of LT1? Or supercharged? 600+ hp? 200 lbs lighter than V2?

Will it have a true manual option? Will the auto be a dual clutch?

Will there be a coupe and wagon variant?

And if it is a version of the LT1 with direct injection, displacement on demand, and variable valve timing, what will that mean for aftermarket performance upgrade options? I am sure it will be upgradeable but it might take some time for the aftermarket to develop some good technology, just like on the c7.

06-06-13, 10:05 PM
2 people I know that work at 2 different Cadillac dealers in sales said there has been no official release, but they are hearing the V3 will have the same 580HP LSA motor as the Camaro ZL1

06-06-13, 10:11 PM
Dealers know little to nothing ahead of time. Speculation is super-fun, though!

It had better not have just a 580 hp LSA...though with projected weight loss of the car as a whole, the same engine would add performance.

06-06-13, 10:57 PM
One of the big advantages to V2 is the easy upgradeability and reliable powertrain. A pulley swap and tune will give near 100 hp. A cam and other bits can give a 700hp motor. I think the LSA will be seen as a go to for tuners long after it is gone. I know GM can do great things with the LT1 but I don't expect it to be as easily upgradeable as LSA.

There are rumors of encrypted or locked ECMs on the LT1 and the only way around it is an expensive controller swap.

06-06-13, 11:24 PM
I'm hearing the all aluminum LS4, 5.3, twin turbo for around 520-ish. Weight in around 4000, and NO gas guzzler tax. :)

06-06-13, 11:32 PM
I'm really curious if GM will build a V3 wagon, so I won't be forced to buy an AMG.

06-07-13, 12:19 AM
2 people I know that work at 2 different Cadillac dealers in sales said there has been no official release, but they are hearing the V3 will have the same 580HP LSA motor as the Camaro ZL1

No one knew anything until the V2 was released. Many thought an LS7. When the 556hp LSA was revealed, it was shocking...

06-07-13, 12:48 AM
Just hang loose until next January. When GM unveils the high-performance version of the Corvette, figure on a version of that engine -- a supercharged LT1.

As for the rest of the car, graft a V1/V2 style grill treatment on the CTS-Vsport and give it unique wheels and you're pretty much done. To figure weight, look at how much the 3.6 Premium CTS lost from g2 to g3 and figure very similar for V2 to V3.

06-07-13, 06:01 AM
No one knew anything until the V2 was released. Many thought an LS7. When the 556hp LSA was revealed, it was shocking...

I think it will have cylinder deactivation and variable vale timing, just like the new Vette. Also the interior will be much better than what we have now as well as a decent electronics package (CUE not withstanding)

06-07-13, 09:55 AM
I doubt they make a wagon, I think that was one of the things that was kind of a bonus just because and they really don't need a halo car with the coupe selling so well.

06-07-13, 10:49 AM
I don't believe a 5.3 is on the table as cylinder deactivation and overall mileage works best with the 6.2L motor. I imagine it's going to be direct injection, 8 speed auto or 7 speed manual, cylinder deactivation. I'm guessing it'll be the 2.3L blower and the ZR1 will probably be close to 700hp.

06-07-13, 10:59 AM
I believe the V3 will for sure be a solid performance car. It will be interesting to see if they go "par" with the competition or really go after that sub 3 second performance market. The car itself is very attractive, but its lost much if not all of its edgyness. The car just looks like a typical seden, be it a very nice looking sedan. I hope with the V version they change a lot of the body panels to set it apart - it really needs it particularly when its going to cost over $80,000....you just wait.

I think when you think about where they went with the ATS and V-sport, I'd be surprised if they didn't do some kind of twin turbo V8, with all the fancy timing junk, and maybe even engine shut off at stop lights in addition to cylinder shut-off but we'll have to wait and see!

06-07-13, 12:59 PM
maybe even engine shut off at stop lights

As long as it's not like BMW's. My wife's has it and it sucks. I disable it every time I drive.

06-07-13, 01:27 PM
I think LT1 left out engine stop/start because it doesn't have much of an impact on the EPA test cycle. AFM, different story.

06-07-13, 09:24 PM
I think it will be an incremental performance jump like E60 to F10 M5. We won't see the dramatic change from V1 to V2. It should be ~100lbs lighter and hopefully a twin turbo V8 that provides much better MPG.

06-07-13, 10:23 PM
600hp or bust.

06-07-13, 11:46 PM
It will have a few more hp and a lot less weight. 250 lbs, at least...

06-08-13, 12:14 AM
What are the odds of no manual transmission (with a clutch pedal)?

06-08-13, 12:21 AM
I'd say the odds of the manual being an option are pretty good, given the new parts bin 7-speed Tremec manual they have now in the C7 Vette. It gives them the option to play the MPG card with that tall 7th gear.

06-08-13, 12:37 AM
I think if they want to follow the current model where the V1 was, "holy crap, a fast Caddy", V2 was, "556hp, Nurburgring record, OMG!!!", to keep in line with their shock and awe that is the CTS-V they need to keep pushing the envelope, i.e., 700hp, lighter than the base CTS, and sub 3 sec 0-60 via an AWD tranny, all while keeping MSRP below $80k. Won't happen but it should! And they should do another wagon, they only had to sell like 7 to turn a profit on the V2 wagon experiment which I think they did.

06-08-13, 01:34 AM
galaxyfe, what you ask for is quite simply impossible.

You're going to be disappointed by nearly 100hp, 2 driven wheels, and at least 300 pounds.

Also, the reason they didn't have to sell many V wagons to break even was because they were already building the regular wagon. Did the regular wagon break even? I'm not so sure.

06-08-13, 08:21 AM
It's hard to tell at this point what will power the V3. As others have said, could be a supercharged LT1( LT4 ?), a twin turbo V8, etc. Seems likely they'll have an 8 speed auto that will also be used in the corvette. As to having a wagon, I guess it depends on the business case that can be made. Chrysler stopped making their similar wagons over time. Although the CTS-V wagon is certainly very practical & some love the looks, many can't get over the " station wagon " look & to put it bluntly think it looks goofy & not cool, whereas the sedan has the " look". The coupe is more of a love it or hate it look, with more loving the look than hating it. Imho, I love the looks of the sedan( which I have), love the practicality of the wagon, & the although I like the looks of the coupe, it's daily driver practicality limitations weigh against it. I think GM is weighing those factors & others, as they plan their V3 offerings.

06-08-13, 07:28 PM
Without Maximum Bob as a champion, I don't have much hope for a V3 wagon.