: Duke Cadillac- Suffolk, VA

01-28-05, 10:29 PM
2016 N MAIN ST, SUFFOLK, VA 23434-4347
(757) 539-8777

I have bought over 15 cars from this dealership and I keep going back despite having to pass two other Cadillac dealerships and 40 miles to get there. Their sales team is so personal, they really make you feel like family. I get personal calls from Eley and Linda Duke to ask how I like my ESV Platinum, you can't beat that. They even drive to my work, give me a Escalade/Suburban/Denali, take mine for service, and then bring mine back to my home so I am not inconvenienced in any way. They always give me prices with all taxes and fees included, and are more than willing to match competitor prices. Although they are a small dealership with a limited selection, they have been able to get me an ESV Platinum and my Collectors Edition Trans Am Convertible within 2 weeks of my request. The service and parts department staff are friendly and reliable and I never worry about my vehicles in their hands. They also work hard to give me top dollar for my trade-ins. Nothing but a good experience at Duke, I highly recommend them.

01-28-05, 11:15 PM
Abe, I went to their site & looked at the inventory listing. Seems like they have a pretty good mix. One heck of alot of trucks!!!
Among the listing I saw 1 (one) 2005 Grand Am. This surprised me! I thought that the last Grand Am was the 2004 and that the 2005 was the new G6. Am I wrong? Is there a 2005 Grand Am also????

01-29-05, 07:48 AM
You are correct. I think they made a mistake, it is probably a left over 2004. Down in Southern VA there is a big truck market, hence the good amount of trucks. I bought all my Suburbans, a Denali, and now the Escalade from them. :thumbsup:

Eley @ Duke Cadillac
04-25-05, 07:36 PM
Leloz, Thank you for the great review, as you know, we really value what our Customers have to say and we do listen! Thank you again, and I hope your enjoying the heck out of your ESV.

Sandy, The Pontiac Grand Am is a 2005. Pontiac is still producing the GT Coupe until the new G6 Coupe comes out. We have that one as well as a few G6's so far, what a fantastic vehicle, it really is nice!

04-25-05, 09:25 PM
You are more than welcome for the review! Thank you for the great service. You will be seeing me again in 2007 when the new Escalades arrive.