: headlight removal 1990 fleetwood

06-06-13, 07:14 PM
Just wondering if there has been a previous post in someone removing their headlight assembly from a Fleetwood. Or if you may know a website that can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Vladillac Khrougham
06-06-13, 09:47 PM
Does it use the separate rectangular high/low lights that met the 1973-83 former government standard, or is it like the "euro" style used in the 1991-92?

If its the former, unscrew the chrome headlight bezel with the proper "torx" bit screw driver or socket. then remove the 2-Phillips on the sides screws that hold the sealed beam headlight in, NOT the headlight adjustment screw on top. Unplug the light and reverse to install (I am fairly sure you do not need to remove the top adjustment screw to remove the light, if you must, then remember to re align the headlamp so the beam is aimed properly, you can do this at night with the lights on a few feet away from a wall or garage door) If removal does require removing the top screw just leave it alone and the new lamp will not require adjustment.

If it's similar to the 91/92 which I am 99% sure it is (my shop manual only is for the 91/92)

there is a hard way:

(which is using trial and error, is how I did mine. pm me if you want the time consuming , complicated, step by unnecessary step instructions).

and the easy way:

1. (optional, only if personally necessary) drive up on ramps or properly jack and put the side of the car that needs a light on a well maintained, properly rated jack stand or front end on a pair of stands aplly the parking brake and chock the real wheels, again this is not required, but may offer easier access depending on your flexibility and arm/hand size.

2. (disconnect the negative battery cable, hey just incase) then wait maybe 30 minutes (in the off chance you touch something hot). Unless you wear big glasses, put on a pair of safety glasses (in case of the rare possibility of the bulb breaking and the less rare probability of random road crud falling on your face, lay on your back and get under the lamp and locate the bulb socket (mine has a light blue plastic connector) twist and pull out the old bulb/wiring harness. Remove the old bulb.

3. Do NOT touch with your bare hands the glass part of the new bulb, (natural oils from your skin or accumulated from elsewhere from the car can damage the bulb), use cotton/latex gloves or a clean cotton rag/t-shirt, or carefully only handle the replacement bulb from the plastic rear. Plug in the new bulb to the harness then twist in the harness into the lamp holding it from the plastic until it securely clicks in.

Even though this is a simple job with a low risk assessment (especially if the car is not raised and battery disconnected, its always good to have another person around or at least aware of what you are doing. If your doing it on the street its good to place some reflectors or yellow red light a yard ahead of your work area if done at dusk or night.

Sorry, for the going overboard with safety suggestions, blame in on being indoctrinated by Army's "Safety Culture".

06-07-13, 12:05 AM
The way I know is 3 10mm bolts behind the housing.

Vladillac Khrougham
06-07-13, 12:38 AM
The way I know is 3 10mm bolts behind the housing.

Well sure assuming you have access to such exotic tools like a 10mm socket and value your free time. ;)

(seriously though, thanks for the info)

06-08-13, 03:09 PM
1990-1992 are the same as far as appearance goes. He said headlight assembly so Im guessing he wants to remove the whole assembly not just the bulb. I think you need to take the chrome trim off that goes around it.
You don't have to disconnect the battery to do either. There's no power to the headlights when they aren't on and you shouldn't be touching any of the contacts doing either job anyway.

06-08-13, 10:26 PM
Yes the whole assembly.... I know there is three bolts behind to hold the housing in.... Didn't know if a thread has been put on here before. I have condensation inside from a rock chip and i want to take it off dry it out and seal the small hole and put it back together. It's a pin hole in the glass, and it's just starting to do damage to the chrome so I want to fix it before I have to replace the assembly.