: Our Cadillac Auctions :(

01-28-05, 07:35 PM
Well.. It seems that nobody's interested in Auctioning off anything "Cadillac" related.. Maybe there was just never enough attention placed on the auctions. Maybe since there's never been any real action, no one had confidence enough to place an auction..

Before we go ahead and disable this feature, I'd like to give it one more shot.. If you've got something you'd like to sell - or even if you don't REALLY want to sell it unless you get A LOT for it - please place an ad. I had great expectations for Auctions and it's a little disappointing to see that nothing ever came of it... :hmm:

01-28-05, 10:42 PM
I have some items I've been wanting to sell, ebay was my first choice though. But, just like with everything else it takes me forever to get started. I'll try get my act together and list some things here.

Evilrussian <--- lazy ass procrastinator! :helpless:

01-29-05, 12:06 AM
It kinda slipped my mind. I must say that I would use it once it got going good and so would others. But now you have a catch22 where you have to start it out somehow. Give it more advertisement:yup:

01-29-05, 06:07 PM
Sorry to say it but it was doomed from the start. Think about it, if you were serious about selling something, would you come here where there are only what about 21000 people or ebay where there are like several million? The people here, while they might be an audience that's more interested in Cadillacs than the general public on ebay, simply lack the numbers especially when you consider that few of the 21000 visit regularly and even fewer are interested in buying anything - people go to ebay to buy things.

01-30-05, 05:33 PM
Well were up to one :) Figure it cant hurt any, there free.


http://www.smedco.net/ <<More info on auction

lux hauler
01-30-05, 05:52 PM
I registered and agreed to the "user agreement". What is the "user agreement"?:hmm: