: Navigation unit issue

06-06-13, 12:38 PM
Sometimes when my kids get tired ofwatching a DVD, I change it to music. If I put back the video sometimes it gets stuck on a black screen, not letting me press play. Then I have to start from the beginning of the dvd by getting out of selected DVD then selecting it again. Can I just clean laser or is it something else???

06-06-13, 06:31 PM
It is getting ready to poop out on you. Cleaning the laser will do nothing. It is a matter of time before the unit stops operating.

06-07-13, 01:49 PM
I have one.. $450 and its yours ;)

06-08-13, 07:23 AM
That sucks!!! Navi already going bad in a 6 year old car. I will wait till it dies before I do anything. When that time comes, I will get the 2011-12 navi with USB and 3.5mm that doesn't use the nav disc.

06-08-13, 02:17 PM
I have one.. $450 and its yours ;)
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