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Night Wolf
01-28-05, 02:20 PM
The Oldsmobile was origanally my winter car, but now it is on the road all the time... anyway, the paint is really bad and faded, then last winter I side-swipped a telephone poll which damaged the left fender and driver door. I bought a new door and fender after that, but they are still off the car, and still red.

Then about a month ago when in a parking lot, someone drove into the right quarter panel... long story short I got an insurance check for $1,239. I spent it already on various things that I did/didn't need, but not before setting $500 aside.... I am a student at the vo-tech (aviation) and the auto body shop works on students cars, so I went there and talked to the teacher...

another long story short, they will do all the rust repair... are on the underbody where it is rotted thru, the quarter panel that was hit was already rotted on the bottom, but when it got hit, it made it worse, and the inner fender on both sides are rotted a little... not only that but they are going to fill in every little dent and ding on the car, then remove the damaged door and fender, paint the new (used) ones I have, put them on..... and the whole car is going to get repainted. I was quoted $500 for it, so I am setting $600 on the side just to be safe.

This is great, the Oldsmobile will look like new when this is done, the interrior is in nice shape (needs new headliner... I'll do that in the summer) and the drivetrain is solid... with 127k on the car, there is alot of life left :)

the downside is... being that it is a tech school, there is a limited amount of time every day they have, I was told it'll take about 2 months to finish... normally, that would be fine and I would drive the '93.... but we are in the heart of NY winter right now. since I am *not* driving the '93 in this crappy weather (despite being FWD, has ABS and new/good tires... it would be good) so that leaves the '79.... which with old, really worn tires, front heavy, open rear car... traction in anything but dry pavement is bad. but besides the money that I have for the Olds, if I can save up about $400... I will buy new tires for the '79.

Is this a sin though? :) I will *NOT* drive after a snow storm or anything.... if I have to, I'll take the bus to school or have a friend pick me up (I used to give them rides... only fair) and if I have to go to work, maybe I'll take my mothers car in if she dosn't have to go anywhere....

the worst things are, back roads around here can be slushy... the car gets dirty, then after driving around all day, the car has dirt, slush, sand and salt all over it.... I just don't want the car to start rusting out at an accelerated rate now, I will be going to the car wash often just to get the stuff off of it.

I think it'll do ok though... it was a FL car from new to about 1999 or so, where it came up to NY, I think the previous owner drove it in the winter, don't know though.... it was rust-proofed when new (have the recipt for it :) ) but most of it is cracking and flaking off now... then int he spring I'll flush out the underbody witha garden hose or something.... a cuple months of not-so-bad winter weather shoudln't be too bad... heat works... sometimes... wipers work, wiper washer do not (little pump is bad) so I should be ok for the most part, the origanal floor mats are in the trunk, I use cheap Wal*Mart floor mats and I kick my feet off before getting in the car to help keep snow inside to a minimum....

But, the Oldsmobile will have new paint job (I think he said they will go with factory color.. Platinium Metallic) and all body work done.... the Olds was bought locally when new and has been in NY it's whole life... until this Summer, when it comes down to FL with me and will be my main car thru college and for a while after... I will also be towing my small utility trailer with it (got everything yesterday, but may wait until I get the car back to install it) The Olds will live on :)

01-28-05, 09:08 PM
You caught a nice break with the Olds. I always like hearing about accidents that have a good outcome for the car and driver. I'm with you about not using the car in the snow. I refuse to drive my Caddy in this crap. It's survived 22 New York City winters and barely has any rust on it (just a very small spot on the very bottom of the drivers door) and I plan on keeping it that way. So with the winter we're having, it looks like I'll be a Buick man for awhile, as I'll have to use my dad's or sister's cars.

Night Wolf
01-29-05, 12:21 AM
yeah, at first i was like, nah, I'll just keep the money...

but then I am thinking... all this rust repair, all body repair... and a new paint job.. ust for the cost of materials? (and I will get them cheap since their get thier discounts) the Olds will be looking better then ever!

in the world of things, 2 months is nothing... it isn't like i'll be driving around durring a 3 foot snow storm right behind the salt truck..... she should do fine.... I just gotta deal with a carb that needs to be rebuilt (I have the 2nd carb already though), spending close to $80/week in gas if I keep driving the way I do (alot of compulsive driving :) ) I won't mind it, but I just don't prefer it on cold winter days like it is....