: Checking transmission temps while driving

06-06-13, 12:15 AM
So how do I get my transmission temperature while I drive?

Scanner, Bluetooth dongle and app?

I want to see what my temps are while towing.

06-06-13, 03:56 AM
I've used a bluetooth and torque app and if I remember that is one of the parameters that isn't available

06-06-13, 06:57 AM
I can't get a transmission temperature reading for my '08 SRX V6 with my Dashhawk, either.
I've been told that the DIC will indicate too high a temperature reading, but have not a clue where it is getting the info.

06-06-13, 10:36 AM
There is a temp sensor in the valve body that is wired to the TCM.

06-06-13, 10:43 AM
Is it a 0-5 signal?

I guess if I know the range I can figure it out.

06-06-13, 12:06 PM
Looks like the TCM is internal to the transmission and connection to the ECM is by data link, so no way to tap into the signal. Why not an aftermarket gauge?

06-06-13, 09:32 PM
contact http://www.aeroforcetech.com/
I'm using one of their gauges on my 07 5 speed. Had to send it back a couple times but they were good to work with. I tried a scanguage II (www.scanguage.com) but could never get it to read trans. temp. Maybe they've updated the software. Might be worth an inquiry.

06-08-13, 05:39 AM
I believe my aeroforce gauge was reading this, When I get home next week I am hooking it back up and will look if you do not already find out by then.

06-08-13, 09:24 AM
Nope, ScanGauge won't read transmission temps. For most units the sensor is a go-no go affair - temp exceeds some value depending on transmission model and the sensor does one or more things - sets a message, sounds a warning, or turns cooling fans to fast (Northstar FWD) - and the trip temp is 304 degrees F (from the GM service manual).

Fluid temps of 225 are perfectly normal - and the new (2006) DEXRON-VI synthetic can run pretty hot -safely. In most vehicles the transmission cooler is in the return tank of the radiator, so it gets the benefit of the "cool" end of the radiator.