: Dated but funny annecdote

01-28-05, 11:57 AM
Back In ’76 Porsche introduced the first Turbo Carrera to the US. I was just 16, new driver and my dad would leave CHP mags on my bed in the hopes that the gory accident photos would frighten my adolescent mind into thoughts of safe driving. :burn:
In on issue there was an article on the Porsche by one of the officers who affirmed Porsche’s claim that this car would do 160 mph.

He was parked along one of our lonely CA highways when one of these Turbos blew past him. So, he writes, nonchalantly, that he overtook the car, clocked it at 160+/- mph, pulled him over and wrote him up.

Then the article showed specs on the ’76 Carrera vs. the ’74 Dodge Polara Interceptor with the 440 wedge etc.

It was classic and priceless!