: Back button?

06-05-13, 08:41 PM
When you use the touch screen to navigate an iPod, and you choose Playlist, then scroll to choose a particular playlist, then scroll to choose a particular song in the playlist... there is a "BACK" control in the top right of the screen. This is handy if you picked the wrong playlist.

You can navigate the iPod with the physical dial in the middle of the center console instead of the touch screen -- push the Menu button to begin, use the dial to scroll -- but is there a physical button that functions as "BACK?"

The built-in iPod navigation is almost really good. But to be great it needs a "BACK" button. Is it there and I just haven't stumbled on it yet? Or did the designers miss this detail?

07-11-13, 01:48 AM
I haven't found anything. I agree, a back button would be awesome... Maybe also if it would access playlist quicker, that'd be cool too.