: Knock sensor blues!!!

09-18-03, 01:14 AM
Ok, I have to bother you guys (and gals) again. I have a 1997 Seville STS and I get a knock sensor low voltage error from the OBDII and I have sense then purchased a new knock sensor. I also bought a Chilton and a Haynes book to find out where the knock sensor goes, but I havent had any luck finding it. I can find just about anything else in the dang car but that. If someone could direct me in the right direction I would be enthralled. Thanks again.

09-18-03, 05:35 PM
Id love to see you burn that chiltons and haynes and get a FSM.... no replacement, IMO

They are going to be under the plenum (I believe), and on the block...... More specifically I cant tell you........

09-18-03, 06:05 PM
Usually on the side of the block below the cylinder head, generally in the middle. I'm saying this because to be honest, I can't remember exactly where it is.

09-18-03, 09:32 PM
Wherever it is, its probaby gonna be a PITA to get to.......

09-18-03, 10:14 PM
Thanks, any information helps. I just gotta take a day and make myself find the sensor, its in there somewhere. I took the Haynes book back to where I got it, but Im stuck with this POS Chilton manual. They used to be so helpful 20 years ago, what the heck happened? Thank again.

09-18-03, 10:19 PM
The cars got more complex........ :)

Seriously, nowadays, you cant get by with an off the rack SM...... You MUST get the FSM...... You dont see any technicians using chiltons.......

09-19-03, 09:02 AM
Knock sensor? Directly below the intake manifold in the cylinder valley.

God I love SI 2000

09-27-03, 01:09 AM
loosen the 4 nuts to the plem. cover. Take the 4 studs out as well as the 6 bolts or so holding plem over the valley. Be carefull not to dropanything down into the exposed intake runner when you lift the plen. to get inside the intake valley. Lirt the plen. you will see the starter and a sensor. That roundish sensor with one wire going to it is the knock sensor.

09-27-03, 09:09 AM
This is also a GREAT time to clean out the plenum with all that junk........ I think you will be pleasantly surprised with its liveliness.......

09-29-03, 03:21 PM
This is also a GREAT time to clean out the plenum with all that junk........ I think you will be pleasantly surprised with its liveliness.......

Thats a great idea. Thanks for the info.

09-29-03, 06:34 PM
Thanks again for all your help people. I got a wild hare up my butt and finally got that sensor installed. The computer hasnt given me the error yet. It looks to be fixed. I also cleaned out the runners a little, but they were pretty clean for having 176,000 miles on it. I didnt have to do much. Thanks again.

09-30-03, 05:31 PM
Post a write up on how you did it.......

Did you take any pics?????

09-27-11, 08:51 PM
remove plastic engine cover, (13mm socket) remove fuel rail, (10mm) and remove PLASTIC intake manifold (10mm)...Take your time be careful. Knock sensor is the small white and blue harness on top of engine block(in the middle). Your starter is on your right for future references. You might as well replace intake manifold gaskets and clean all the gunk out of your PLASTIC intake manifold while your at it.

09-27-11, 10:10 PM
Not bad for a reply to a post that's 8 years old.............:cool2:

...........and none of the OP's have been heard from in years.

Some deep-seated aversion to thermoPLASTIC fiberglass composites ?