: tpms tire pressure sensors

06-05-13, 05:24 PM
hello all
i have a 2008 srx 20" rims 1st thing in the morning the tire pressures shows 30 lbs in each tire. after about a few miles the right rear will show 1 lb and the message will show ck right rear. after a few more miles the front left will show 1 lb and another message ck front left, those are the only two ties that do that. to me it sounds like the tpms batterys are going weak. how long do these batterys last? thanks glenn

06-05-13, 11:44 PM
4-5 years. (some more, many less) It's likely time to replace them.

06-06-13, 11:38 AM
I installed four after market sensors in my 20" wheels in august of '11 and just finished replace the last of
the four which all failed over that time period. Not sure if this can be attributed to quality or if that is just the way it goes.

06-07-13, 12:51 AM
My 2007 SRX with an in-service date of June 2007 is still on the originals. But I think sgilbert is right about expecting 4-5 years and being on borrowed time after that based on reading I have done. My 2004 Infinity G35 purchased August 2003 is still running originals on 3 of the 4 wheels. BTW.....the Infinity factory replacement sensor cost me $150.......for one stinking sensor!!!!!