: How do I pull my CD player Nav unit out?

Cadillac Shawn
06-05-13, 09:52 AM
I have a Cadillac DTS with the shift on the column. I was wondering how to get my radio out because my CD player began giving me a hard time taking in and ejecting the CD's. Recently it gave me a much more bigger prob when it would not take one in all the way and after trying several time to push it in I believe I may have damaged it. because the CD player is usually mounted to the radio, I can get a replacement online and put it in myself. I've done this with my Corvette. The CD player on that car has gone up three times now. Cheap units. Anyway, I have no idea where the screws would be and what I pull first without damaging anything trying to figure it out. Does the brown wood panel come out first? Or do the front grey plates pull out with a screw driver to reveal the screws behind it? How does this radio come out?

CD now says READ ERROR and will not play the CD if I can get it into the player. Must have bent something or broke it.


5.0 lsc
06-05-13, 10:25 AM
Pull wood trim with your finger on the passenger edge and work it towards the center, lift up dash board with your hand and use a hook tool to pry off upper left corner near gauge cluster...once the trim is off its a buch of 7mm bolts for the stack

06-06-13, 07:44 AM
After you get the trim off you then take out the module for the a/c vents then take out the module for the hvac controls; only then can you get to the nuts holding in the nav unit.

Cadillac Shawn
06-06-13, 09:48 AM
THANKS FOR THE TIP STUJAC! I thought that might be it but wasn't sure and didn't want to destroy my wood. The radio is driving me nuts. I need CD! Any chance the air bag will go off pulling up that brown wood from the passenger side?

I don't want the proverbial 200mph Mike Tyson punch in the face from the passenger restraint... you know how that is. lol

06-06-13, 09:51 AM
When mine was done the trim was removed differently. It was done by a professional installer (trying to put in a GM Nav-Lock so I could use the Nav and watch a DVD while stopped at a light-didn't work anyway so it came right out). The installer gave a little tap with the side of his fist to the LEFT side of the trim, directly next to the radio and it popped out of a few clamps. He carefully removed all other connections to the clamps. The entire process took no more than 5 minutes, I swear. He had a power nut driver.

Cadillac Shawn
06-07-13, 07:48 PM
I pulled my radio out, then took my radio apart, tedious, then pulled the DVD out of the top of the unit and put the whole thing back in my car so I have music until I can find the replacement DVD drive. I think I may know what the problem was now that I have it out but there's no way I can know for sure until I have time tomorrow to pull it out again and plug it in to see if it works.

All I need is the DVD that bolts into the unit. If anyone knows where to get one, let me know! I noticed the round white plastic white ring that goes on top of the CD or DVD hole at the top of the unit looked like it had fallen into the unit. It's possible thats' what the problem was and the CD would not spin. I reset it but because it's too dark now I don't want to risk doing it and then putting it all back in, in the dark. So tomorrow will tell. Otherwise, I may need a replacement drive. Any idea where to get one new or used. Prefer new part.

I know the shop around here that works on Factory GM radios will know but they would obviously not tell me in lew of me getting a brand new unit for a lot of dough or have them put the unit in. If I can't get it fixed, it's off to the Alpine Dealer for a radio that won't break on me. GM DVD/CD's are the worst! My 94 corvette had one go up on it in one year. A year later after putting a new one it, it broke too. Sitting in my garage mind you over the winter not being used. Then, after the third one in, again, sitting all winter in the garage and hardly used, the replacement drive broke. That's original, and three replacement oem drives at $100 each. Car has 22K on it in my garage. 94 vette. Hardly drive it. Needless to say, The CD player in it don't work and I refuse to buy another drive to fix it. A new Alpine head unit would run me less to fix the issue.