: Pcv Seperator, What Is It ?help

The kid
01-27-05, 07:23 PM
Two times my catera has blown valve cover gaskets , the first time my warranty paid for repair's, the second they tell me, that seal's blew because of faulty pcv seperator , my warranty plan say's that : all repairs caused to engine part's by anything that has to do with (emission control) are not covered .

I always thought that the primary fonction of a pcv seperator or pcv valve was to permit engine to relieve pressure in crankcase, and then permit recycling of emissions ? and so repairs caused by faulty seperator should normaly be covered !

Can anybody feed me in on the true fonction of pcv seperator ? i'm 1800.00 $ cdf behind, and think my warranty compagny is tring to blow one by me !:banghead:

By the way i love this car ... the most comfortable ride i ever had.

01-27-05, 08:15 PM
The PCV valve is basically a one way valve that is based on engine vacuum... When engine vaccum is higher, it sucks more..

I attached a page out of my FSM to help you out...