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06-04-13, 11:06 PM
So I finally decided to pull the trigger and ordered RX Performance's Ported throttle body and intake manifold spacer for the 3.6DI. Both parts were $150 a piece, with an additional deposit required on the throttle body (returned upon sending them your old TB after installation of new one). If I could sum the whole experience up: worth it!

I installed only the TB (as it was an easy 5-10 minute swap) first and drove the car for a few days before installing the IM spacer. Throttle response was immediate and the car pulls quite a bit better through the entire RPM range than it did before. There is no longer any lag when trying to quickly ramp up speed on highway on-ramps or other passing situations. The acceleration feels effortless and unlabored, which is different from the sluggish acceleration from before. No negative effect on gas mileage either.

I just installed the IM spacer this morning, but the car felt like it ran better and accelerated even quicker from 3000rpms and up. Before installing the TB and spacer, I did a few 0-60 tests that all ended up from 7-7.2 seconds (with golf clubs, car cleaning stuff, bunch of other junk in the trunk). Going to do a few runs when I get some free non-rush hour time to test it out and post them on this thread. I am not trying to turn this into a racecar, so no flames please... just thought it might be worth a few hundred bucks to spice it up and improve overall acceleration and throttle response of the car. I was right.

06-05-13, 09:29 AM
Add a tune.

06-05-13, 09:55 AM
Add a tune.

Was thinking about that. Any recommendations on who/how/where/what/$? I live in Hampton Roads, VA (General Norfolk area) and don't really want to travel far and/or pay out the wazoo.

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06-05-13, 01:40 PM
I didn't know he did the V6 too...

06-05-13, 02:00 PM
That's what I was just about to ask. I see the 2008-2009 3.6L on the website, but have found nothing when searching on here or on the net for a 3.6L that has been tuned. I don't mind at all being the guinea pig, especially since it looks like you get both the ECM and TCM done for $300 + the loaner cable deposit.

1bad, I read some of your threads/posts about tuning your N*, could you correct me if i'm wrong here on the process:

- Pay for the tune/cable, cable is shipped to me
- He e-mails the tune files & instructions, I DL the software and program my car
- Boom, done.

Seems fairly easy, I'm relatively technical and haven't had any issues with doing anything myself on the car as of yet.

06-05-13, 02:45 PM
You got it. Tellm I sent you he'll take care of you.

06-05-13, 02:58 PM
Awesome... looking forward to this. Thanks for the info.

I know it's apples to oranges, but how did you like the results of just your ECM side programming on the N*?

06-05-13, 06:39 PM
Love it. Totally different car.