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big greg
06-04-13, 09:15 PM
After replacing the rear mount and tranny mount while getting the transmission rebuilt I noticed a slight "jump" upon standstill acceleration. Kind of upset me because a 70$ part that would have tool them 30 seconds to install while the sub frame was Down. But it looked perfect to me. But it was far from it
It was a bear to do on the ground. Take the four front sub frame bolts out. Remove the nuts on all other mounts. I even pulled some screws out of the front bumper because the sub frame catches on the bottom lip of the cover. Then remove the two nuts on the bottom of the mount plate. Then use a 30" extension and a 15 mm swivel socket to remove the top mount plate bolts just under the manifold. Not jack the engine up as far as possible without any crunching, and use a 17mm socket and flex ratchet to remove the mount nut on top. This was a pain not a lot of room here. Then slide the old mount out between the oil pan and sub frame, there is still not a lot of room for me. Took me two hours because the rear mount alignment pin turned and was giving me all kinds of trouble going back in lol. But she's nice and solid stepping on it now.


06-05-13, 07:38 AM
Good job... :)

big greg
06-05-13, 08:31 AM
Thank Jim! I've been meaning to call ya whenever I get a free minute