: Hello all! Just joined, recommended from LS1tech.com! Couple of questions

06-04-13, 07:41 PM
Hello everyone! asked a couple questions on LS1tech.com where I have been an active member for almost 10 years! The CTS-V guys recommended I sign up here, so here i am! I just purchased a 2008 STS-V with 38k miles for an incredible price, the guy hadn't taken great care of the interior, so I had some repairs to do and lots and lots of cleaning! but she is a beauty now! anywho, I bought and installed the lockpick harness, works well! I would like to figure three things out:

my driver's side headlight gets condensation on occasion, is this common?

I have a check engine light, will the display spit out a code for me?

how do I stop the door dinger!?

thanks in advance, and great to be here!