: 02 sensor

01-27-05, 04:41 PM
The o2 sensor on my 96 sts is bad. Its the one that is in the manifold at the front of the engine. The parts store didnt stock it and had to order this sensor, what would disconnecting the sensor and then running the engine do?

01-27-05, 07:17 PM
You might as well just leave it plugged in..... When they fail, it goes into failsafe mode... Id thikn itd be the same or worse by unplugging it...

01-28-05, 12:08 PM
Disconnecting the sensor won't hurt anything, but it won't solve any problems either. There's no reason to disconnect it. It might even set more codes that way, so if I was you I would just leave it and replace the sensor when the new one comes in.

Good luck...

01-28-05, 01:47 PM
dont forget to tell how the install goes i need to replace my front o2 sensor too, looks like it will be fun!!! not really that bad but let me know i am waiting for it to warm up before i do it, to much snowmobiling right now!!