: 1992 Brougham trunk light puzzle

Vladillac Khrougham
06-04-13, 07:22 PM
I am wracking my brains figuring out the orientation of my trunk light bracket, the good news is i discovered some brittle orange insulation worn off and exposing copper causing a short to the trunk release "solenoid" (electric unlatchy gizmo) I temporarily fixed with some electrical tape (gonna cut, resolder and heat shrink it tonight.

The trunk light, I finally found the awkward proper bracket placement from a Brougham in a salvage yard. the problems:

A. The bolt that attaches the bracket threads through the inner trunk body, but the bracket hole is too large to be secured by the bolt and I cannot find a nut that fits this bolt, that I assume both acts as a fastener and ground.

B. Using a non OEM bolt/nut does not provide a proper ground

C. when maneuvering the bracket inside the wall space between the trunk the inner and outter sheet metal, the light comes on what certain seemingly random parts of the bracket touch two surfaces of the inner trunk space.

D. there is a few inches to the left, a ground bolt I assume for the "trunk release" and or "pull down" mech, using a non OEM generic bolt to attach the trunk light and running a jumper from that ground to the bracket does not seem to work.

I cant seem to find a solution in the placement or wiring diagrams in the shop manual, or a match to the rusty OEM bolt at the local auto parts stores or rear fastener, much less what kind of metal it should be (assuming steel?)