: Ticking Engine Noise on 2006 DTS 4.6 L Norstar

Carlos Lugo
06-04-13, 06:49 PM
Heard a ticking noise on the engine DTS 2006 Norstar with 160K miles; took it to dealer, they are saying it is time to change the engine. I cannot believe it, I had a Buick LeSabre with 300K miles original engine and no problems. I am thinking it could be a rocker arm gap or the timing chain and should be able to get fixed without replacing the engine.
Any comments please?

06-05-13, 12:04 AM
How bad is the ticking. if only happen when you change the oil the lifter are bad. I have the same problem I just drive it like that. But if the noise is coming from the passenger side of the motor. You may need the timming chains guide and tensioner. I have 220,000 mile on my 06 I have done the timming guides and tensioner twice. Good lk.