: Kent-Moore VS Time-sert

06-04-13, 11:39 AM
I have spent two days reading the forums and today I have to make the decision of what tool I need to order. My choices at this point is either the Kent-Moore J-42385-500 or Time-Sert J-42385-500. Our Matco Tool distributor says that Cadillac technicians recommend the Kent-Moore set over the Time-Sert set due to threads on the inserts. I have looked at them and I swear they both look like the identical tool with the identical threads. The price difference is the only difference I can see. Is there a difference?

Manic Mechanic
06-04-13, 12:42 PM
I do believe that they are the same exact tool. Kent Moore is the tool division of GM and Time-Sert is a Thread repair company. I think time-sert is a supplier to Kent Moore for this, in that case buy which ever you can get the best value with.


06-04-13, 01:41 PM
Ha! I feel vindicated! Thanks so much for an answer. My husband and I have been arguing over this for days. The price difference is anywhere from $300 to $400. Yeah for me, I guess. I bought a 99 Eldorado a couple of months back knowing it had blown head gaskets. Of course my husband did not want to believe me and has been jacking around with this car for a month or so. Finally he had to admit I was right. Now the fun begins. I have found a couple of used Time-Sert kits on Ebay but am so afraid that I will buy them and find the tap is messed up and I am back to where I was. I like Norm's style inserts because of the much coarser thread but I am not a fan of the way the guide looks and I firmly believe that a lot of failure comes from not getting the inserts in at the right angle. We shall see. Thanks again for the information. I have been a stalker of this forum for a long time and knew this was the right place to come for answers!

06-04-13, 01:54 PM
The kit includes fixture plate which is crucial for aligning drill bushing. The tap, stepped drill and insert install tool. I am pretty sure all of the tools can be bought separate if one wears out. Yes you pay big bucks for single tools but I cannot see the tap wearing out. I would be more worried about drill wearing but it is steel cutting aluminum so maybe wear is not an issue. I got my kit for 300 on eBay and sold it for 280. 20 rental fee I guess?

06-04-13, 03:00 PM
.......... or you could look at www.huhnsolutions.com (http://www.huhnsolutions.com) . Norm is a machinist (who makes his own version of the BigSert which is the recommended alternative to the TimeSert - both from Time Fastener Corp.)

.............. and there's always other ideas - NorthstarPerformance (studs and kits) and CarrollCustomCadillac (studs and kits).

............. all of which are discussed in the Cadillac tech Tips and the sticky posts at the top of Engines; Northstar Performance forums.

As with all engine overhaul and machine work, the final result is based on care, patience, and experience. All the above choices WILL give you a strong, reliable repair job.

06-04-13, 05:59 PM
I have read all of the N* head gasket nightmares. And there are a lot of them too. I previously owned a 93 STS that I loved and I was lucky enough to not ever have complete head gasket failure. I had begun to suspect possible failure was imminent because about every month or so I would have to refill the expansion tank and no matter where I looked I could never find a coolant leak anywhere, that plus the fact that every morning the poor thing would start off with a little rough idle and a little puff of white smoke that would come out the tailpipe. It had 225,000 miles when I sold it and while it was a sad thing I knew it was time to go. I have looked into the head stud solution as well, and while it looks like it might be a great idea I have my concerns. I just know that I have to make a decision soon. The poor thing looks sad with the cradle on the floor and the whole engine and transmission sitting there waiting ever so patiently for something to be done with it. I see where a lot of people say that TimeSerting it may only last 20,000 or so thousand miles. That will just have to be enough for right now.

06-04-13, 08:44 PM
Ha! I feel vindicated! Thanks so much for an answer. My husband and I have been arguing over this for days. The price difference is anywhere from $300 to $400.
They don't call 'em "Spent-More" for nothing.

09-18-15, 04:45 PM
It can be very confusing......

The kit required is J-42385-xxx. There are over a dozen different J-42385 kits. There are 3 different kits used for Northstars:

J-42385-500 1993-1999 Northstar.
J-42385-2000 2000-2003 Northstar
J-42385-2030 2004 and newer Northstar

The Kent Moore kits use TimeSert tooling.

The Kent Moore kits are often priced higher.

The Kent Moore kits are incomplete. They require parts from other kits (J-42385-300) to do the job. The assumption is you are a GM dealer and have the other kits available to scrounge for the extra parts needed. Not so good if you buy a incomplete Kent Moore kit on eBay...

So there are both TimeSert and Kent Moore versions on the J-42385 kits. The TimeSert ones are complete...the Kent Moore one are not...yet they have the same tool number.

We do rent some of the J-42385 kits.


09-18-15, 04:53 PM
Hiya, Logan - How's everything in the LED soldering world ??? You oughtta check in once in a while - miss you.

09-18-15, 08:37 PM
Holy shit batman! Look who resurrected. Welcome back.

The Kent Moore kits are often priced higher.
That's why they are called "spent more".

03-07-17, 07:41 PM
Holy shit batman! Look who resurrected. Welcome back.

That's why they are called "spent more".