View Full Version : 120$ for an oil change?!? Damn Stealer!!!

01-27-05, 09:31 AM
Yesterday I went to the dealer, i had a couple of thing to get fixed on the Caddy and the oil was due. So i just told the guy "throw a synthetic oil change with that please". Usually I pay 70$CAN at Mr Lube for 7 liter synthetic oil change (Castrol Syntec 5W30).

At the end of the day I go to pick up my car, 120$ for the freakin oil change!!! They charged me 8 liters of oil (too much) at 12.10$CAN per liter!!! I can get the same oil for 7$ at Canadian tire :S. With taxes and service it comes to 120$. They told me they had to purchase the oil from somewhere else since they dont carry it. Asked them if it would be cheaper to use their synthetic oil (Mobil 1) turns out its 15.50$CAN per liter!!!

The rest of the charge where reasonable and the service was really great (120$ to change a thermostat) but that oil change is juste killing me....

Anyway, live and learn!!!

01-27-05, 04:18 PM
Sheesh!! For that price (CDN) I hope they at least gave you a free soda and groped your man parts.

01-27-05, 07:32 PM
I don't understand why they wouldn't have used their brand - mobil-1, since it didn't appear you told them to use a specific brand. A dealer that goes out, err ouette, for oil?...hhmmmm :hmm:

btw, how many litres are supposed to be used?

03-12-05, 11:43 AM
The only car that I ever payed 100.00 U.S. to get the oil changed in was my 1995 Mercedes Benz E420. The car required 8 quarts of Mobil 1 15w50 full synthetic oil, a 31.00 Mercedes Benz Canister Oil Filter, made of fleece, not paper, and done at a dealership to boot.


03-12-05, 01:09 PM
I pay for 7 quarts of Supertech Synthetic 5w40 (Pennzoil) at $2.97/qt, and $2 for a Supertech (Champion Labs) filter. Sometimes I splurge for a $6 bosch premium filter or $11 Mobil 1 filter.

03-12-05, 01:33 PM
I believe the proper amount is actually 7.5 quarts. That's why they add the 8th quart onto the charge. $120 does sound kind of high though.

03-12-05, 10:02 PM
Guys.......JS is talking Canadian $$$$. But still $pendy !

I got raped by a Caddy dealer in Daytona for a $80 LOF...........
They too put in 8 qts. of some fancy synthetic oil.........

I freaked out..............I paid but b*****d enough to get coupons for a couple free
regular $19.95 dino changes.

A lot of good they did me since I live in NY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!............geo

03-12-05, 11:30 PM
That still comes out to be roughly $99 U.S That's still expensive. The last oil change I got, at this new caddy dealer near me, was $58. To be honest, that's one of the most expensive dealer oil changes I've ever had. I guess it depends on where your located.

03-13-05, 12:29 AM
i paid 25 for my last oil change. i got valvoline max life.