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06-04-13, 06:57 AM
I have a strange noise from both front wheels. It sounds like there is a little rock stuck in the tire and makes a constant clicking sound that get faster as the wheels spin faster. I have a hard time describing what it sounds like....it like when I was little and put a playing card by the spokes of my bicycle wheel to make noise. When I break it is still there but sound is a little deeper in sound. I had my mechanic look at it when he was doing my alignment and couldn't see anything that was obstructing anything. Its not a grinding or a squealing noise. Something sounds like it is clipping something else.

Anyone hear of this? It doesn't matter if I turn or straight. I cannot feel anything in the steering wheel or brake pedal. It does not sound like a wheel bearing. Could it be the tires? My tires are worn on the edges a little but 8/32 tread Goodyear rsa.

I've tested everything and look and cannot figure it out. I've had no success searching this forum or others. It does not make the sound when wheel is off the ground:confused: Wheel bearing?

Please help!!!!!

Im going to try and get a video or at least some audio of this posted soon.

06-04-13, 08:16 AM
Could it be my drilled/slotted rotors? I've had many cars with said rotors and never experienced this sound. I got smart and searched rotor noises and actually came up with a lot of other makes/models that have the same issue. I'm going to try and go 40-60 and brake aggressively about 10 times and then let them cool and see what happens. If no noise change I will get new rotors.

This still could be something different? If anyone has or have had this issue, how did you get rid of it?


06-04-13, 11:35 AM
You made sure there wasn't a nail in the tread anywhere right? It doesn't have to be a big nail. I remember discount tire pulling what looked like a finishing nail out of my tire once I couldn't even see it. And it was making a clicking noise when I was driving... Actually at night my buddy said he saw some sparks coming from under the tire lol.

I guess a bearing assembly issue doesn't make much sense to me cuz it wouldn't sound like a click, (as I would describe it) more of a "grind" perhaps. I suppose it could be the brakes, or something hitting the caliper maybe.

06-04-13, 07:17 PM
No nails. I took it out and did 20 60mph quick stops. It helped the sound for awhile but soon returned. I think I'm going to order some GM performance rotors and Hawk or GM performance pads and break them in properly. While I'm at it I will check for other things it could be. I have a Motive flusher so will flush the system with some better fluid (can't remember what I used on my old Saab but it was blue).

06-04-13, 09:11 PM
Did you do a break job recently? There is a little guard on there and if bent would give you the sound that I think you are describing - just spit balling. Can you check your calibers to make sure they are behaving properly? Have you checked your steering fluid? I know it sounds crazy but it makes the most unusual noise when low on fluid.

06-04-13, 10:55 PM
Steering fluid ok. Never dealt with these calipers before but plan to take a look at them. I've lost count on how many break jobs I've performed so I will look for a DIY tutorial on this site...I'm sure there is one.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll post my results.

Shark city V
06-05-13, 01:38 AM
I have the same exact problem. Sounds like nails are in the tire tread when you're driving it. I haven't looked into it but I thought it could possibly be the drilled and slotted rotors on the car. Only reason I say that is because 2 weeks ago I drove down a street that ran parallel to the freeway. The wall bounced the noise off pretty loud where I was able to attempt to "diagnose" it lol. The noise went away when I applied the brakes. Heavy or light. I can't imagine the noise being the wheel bearings because they make more of a grinding noise ( as stated earlier) or rotational noise while driving. Im not replacing my pads and rotors til the end of the month. I'll post an update if nothing has been figured out. Lol.

06-05-13, 02:06 AM
Did you guys make sure and get the wheel hub but on correctly. If its too loose it can make a clicking noise like that. On my old S-10 I put new rotors on but hadn't got one side quite snug enough so it made kind of a little noise like that... I dunno just throwing an idea out there.

06-05-13, 07:04 AM
I think it is my breaks but leaving nothing out as a possibility. Just need the time to take apart. Sorry RyRidesMotoX, you asked me what kind of bike I ride in another post...wasn't trying to be rude and ignore you. I road a Honda CRF450. Miss that sport but too many injuries that effect me still today. Fun stuff though...I remember putting like 10k in that bike....not much was stock.

06-05-13, 11:59 AM
Hmm, driveshaft rubbing those exhaust pipes? I had that problem momentarily when I was installing my 3" pipes.

I know you are saying it's coming from the front tires but strange noises in a car can come from all over the place. I had a broken bolt on my transmission mount when I had a Mustang - the weird sounds like it was coming from the passenger side brake.

06-05-13, 08:21 PM
Here's a thought... could the pad be rattling around inside the caliper. Maybe the pins or Mount holes are worn. Happened to me on a older mustang.

Motown Cad
06-06-13, 07:46 AM
EBC rotors and yellow stuff pads make noise on my V. At first I thought bearing was going bad, but no.