: Can I do this?

01-27-05, 03:19 AM
Is it possible to completely change the wiring harness of the headlights of a 97 Catera so that it would accomodate a higher rated bulb and probably a different model other than the H7? I had it replaced with a white bulb H7 but realizing that it is useless during rain, I am thinking of going back to yellow halogen but with a higher watt so i would get a much better illumination than the 55watts that is for the Catera. But I believe that to accomplish this I need to change the wiring. How do i actually accomplish this? Should the change be from the fuse box or the relay only? Thanks for any enlightenment.

01-27-05, 10:09 PM
You could get a booster setup like this... upps the output and is adjustable:


Leaving you then to get higher voltage H7 lights.

Or not even do that. And invest in some nice driving lights... or a xenon conversion kit .