: Power Seat Doesn't Work

06-03-13, 10:04 PM
Hey all, I've got a persistent issue with my driver's side power seat. It doesn't always work. It's all or nothing. When it works, all 3 buttons work. When it doesn't, none of them do. My dealer replaced the switch for the seat last week. I thought that fixed it since it was working fine until today. Now it's not working all the time again. It seems to take less time than before the switch was replaced to work again but something is still disjointed somewhere.

The easy exit seat works even less often. If the rest of the seat is fine, I can hit the easy exit button on the door and it's good to go. Taking the key out of the ignition almost never activates the easy exit feature. It's only worked twice since last Thursday. The option is turned on in the DIC. When it has worked by taking out the key, it doesn't return automatically. I have to hit the recall button on the door.

Anybody have any ideas?

06-07-13, 11:44 AM
I have this issue too. However try lifting your butt from the bottom cushion and see if it helps power the seats again. After much trial and error i found the following.

If i lift the bottom of the leg(bottom of the knee) up i get power again. I seems like there is a short in the wiring of shorts. I have ordered a new wire set but have yet to have time to put it in. Probaby do that this weekend.